France. Car Market steady in the 2019

French vehicle market

French vehicle market in the second half has recovered the moderate lost reported in the first, ending 2019 up 1.9%, confirming the great shape under the Macron government. The traditional battle for leadership among Renault and Peugeot ended again with the lion brand in second, while Alfa Romeo and Land Rover were the fastest growing brands.

Economic Environment

French economic activity is likely sustaining a solid pace of expansion in the fourth quarter, following a resilient outturn in the third quarter. Household spending appears to have remained the mainstay for growth as the unemployment rate fell in October and consumer confidence reached an over 12-year high in November. That said, country-wide strikes in December—in response to the recent pension reform plans—should restrain consumer spending somewhat.

Market Trend

French vehicles market is in a positive momentum since early 2015 and the Macron government active policy has corroborated the market pushing up consumer confidence and expectations. Consequently, the car passenger sales level achieved in the 2018 was the best in the decade and follows 5 years of consecutive growth, with 2.17 million units.

According to data reported by the French Associations of Car Manufacturers, in 2019 the market signed the 6th consecutive year of gain. Indeed total sales have been 2.214.212, up 1.9%. Following a moderately negative first half, in recent months the market went back on a positive track.

As tradition, French Manufacturers control over the half of the market and the combined share of the groups P.S.A. and Renault-Nissan is almost at 60%.

The top-selling brand is Renault with 18.4% of share and is actually recovering the sales lost during the top model – Clio – run-out phase. Peugeot is the second with 17.1% of share always dreaming to be the first, while the third step of the podium is held by Citroen.

This year the fast-growing brands are Audi, DS, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Seat and Alfa Romeo.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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