Germany 2020. Vehicle market disappoints in May (-51.5%)

German cars market

German cars market in May reported just a shy improvement, despite car dealerships activities were allowed to restart from April 20. Indeed, 150.597 units were registered in May (-51.5%), leading Year to Date sales to 912.463 (-35.6%). BMW and Seat declined over 60%.

German Cars Market in May

Although car dealerships activities were allowed to restart from April 20, the German car market reported another deep fall in May. Indeed, even if it has improved compared to April’s trend, the expectations about registrations in May were much higher. Instead, the market reported the same trend as Italy and France, after outpacing them in April.

In May, 150.597 units were registered (-51.5%), leading Year to Date sales to 912.463 (-35.6%). This was the lowest May volume in the country in over 50 years.

Brand-wise, Renault reported the best Top 10 performance, losing “just” 33.9%, while BMW and Seat declined over 60%.

Post Covid19 Market Trend

In order to slow down the spread of the virus, most European countries have imposed lockdowns to various degrees. However, compared to neighbouring countries, the German Government imposed restrictions at a later stage, allowing the car market more breathing space in March.

Indeed, on March 22, a national curfew was imposed, authorizing individuals to leave their living quarters for certain activities, but not in groups exceeding two people if they do not share the same household.

As a result, the car market fell 37.8% in March with 214.389 sales, ending the Q1 at 699.385 (-20.3%).

The national COVID-19 curfew ended on April 20, when showrooms around the country started reopening, allowing the car market to “contain” the losses in April, with sales at 120.285 (-61%).

However, in April German car registrations accounted for over one-third of total European sales.

Medium Terms Market Trend

German vehicles market is the largest and the most stable in Europe, with a medium-term growth started in 2010, when car passenger sales were 2.91 million. In 2019, despite all pessimistic views on the economic environment, the market reached 3.6 million car passenger sales, hitting the new all-time record.

Considering the LCVs segment with 2019 at 343.000 units, the German light vehicles market figures were 3.94 million, the fourth largest market after China, USA and Japan.

However, in the first two months of 2020, according to data released by local Association of Car Manufacturers, the market was registering one of the worst trends in Europe.

Indeed, year-to-date February figures have been 484.996, down 9.1%. However, electrified sales were surging 92.8%, with over 15% of share.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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