Greece 2017. Market recovered 11% pulled by positive economy

Greek Cars Market

Greece Cars Sales kept recovery in the 2017 with sales up 11%, at highest level since 2010, thanks to significant recovery in the economic field and a more relaxed relation with creditors. Toyota is market leader, followed by Nissan & Volkswagen.

Greek economy recovery continued but lost steam in the third quarter, as a weak domestic economy held back growth. High unemployment and years of austerity weighed on household consumption, and investment also plummeted in the period, while export growth provided some respite. Available data for the fourth quarter suggests that activity is improving, although growth will likely remain lackluster overall. Industrial production slowed in October, but the manufacturing PMI picked up in November. In addition, activity is likely to be boosted by a social dividend payment from the government to low-income households in December.

Greek vehicles market is recovering after the sharp fall reported during the harsh 2008-2010 financial crisis and, since the 2012, the car passenger’s segment improved substantially. According to data released by the Association of Motor Vehicle Importers Representatives, the market grew from 58.480 to 88.083 in the 2017 and projecting for the 2018 are quite positive.

In the 2017, Toyota was the market leader selling 10.025 cars (+5.6%) ahead of Nissan, with 7.194 units (-1.3%), Volkswagen with 6.832 units (+6.3%), Opel with 6.644 units (-5.8%), Peugeot with 6.503 (+16.5%), Fiat with 6.366 (+30.3%) and Suzuki with 5.364 units (+289.7%).

At model wise, the number one was the Toyota Yaris with 5.508 sales (+3.8%) followed by the Opel Corsa with 3.341 (-13.1%) and the Fiat Panda with 3.140 (+15.9%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models.

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