How to Choose a Rooftop Tent for Your 4×4


There are very few things that can beat the experience of camping out and enjoying the beauty of nature in some remote location. This is little wonder why the activity has maintained its popularity among fun-loving families and individuals for quite a long time now. Moreover, various technologies, like the roof top tent, have been developed to make the experience safer and more fun.

Roof top tents are becoming an increasingly popular camping item today due to their many fantastic benefits. This is especially in places like Australia, where more people are concerned about creepy crawlies – like snakes and spiders – spoiling their fun experiences. One downside to this development, though, is that there are many variations of the product on the market today – such that you might find it pretty tricky to make a perfect choice for you and your family.

Thankfully, however, this article will teach you some essential tips to make the task easier. Please ensure to read to the end.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Roof Top Tent for Your 4×4

Choosing the best roof top tents for your 4×4 is often not as straightforward as people imagine it to be, but the tips listed below will help you.


Firstly, you have to consider the tent’s capacity. Typically, a 4×4 tent should sleep about three to four people. They also often have to extend from your vehicle’s ceiling space and are supported by telescopic ladders or tilts.

Hard or Soft-Shell Tent?

You will also need to consider the type of shell you want for your tent before buying. There are two types of tent shells, including soft and hard shells. Soft-shells are more prevalent today, and they are mainly easy to set up and fold away.

On the other hand, hard-shell rooftops are often more rigid and heavier, owing to their construction. However, they share the same operational principles as soft-shell tents. This means that they are also easy to set up and fold away. The only catch is that you will have to carefully consider your rack’s weight capacity before buying this shell type. Most hard-shell tents weigh around 100 kg or more.

Fitting Compatibility

Away from the capacity and shell type, it would be best if you also considered the roof top tent’s compatibility with your car. You do not want to go through the stress of getting a tent that does not fit your rack.

Fortunately, the manufacturers will tell you their product’s specs and fittings. This will make checking and determining its compatibility with your rack easier. You will often find a list on the tent manufacturer’s website, telling you unsuitable attachment types and suggesting better options you should go for instead.


The beauty of roof top tents is often undeniable, especially when you buy the adequate one to fit your situation and purpose. This article has discussed some essential tips to help you achieve this goal without breaking a sweat. If you want local friendly advice about roof top tents, speak to Canyon Offroad today.