How You Can Save Money Buying A New Car


One of the most important financial decisions you’re going to make in your life is purchasing a new car. Next to your home, it’s, perhaps, the second most expensive asset you’ll ever own.

So, it’s just fitting for you to feel like as if you’re under so much pressure to get it right. If you screw it up, this decision isn’t like buying a t-shirt where you can return what you’ve bought and change it for a better one.

New cars aren’t cheap, and you should do all you can to get the best deal possible for your money. The following will help you find the best new car deal so you can save on this purchase:

  1. Take The Time To Shop Around

If you need to save money when buying a new car, the first thing that you should do is to shop around. While you might have a dream car model in mind, it’s best for you not to limit your options. Give yourself at least two to three different options of car models, just so you’ve got a plan A, B, and C.

Apart from shopping around for different models, this also means looking for different suppliers. Whether you’re buying a brand new or a used car model, different suppliers have their own perks, such as discounts. To give you a good start on your search for potential used cars to purchase, click here.

Don’t immediately settle for the very first one you come across as it might not be the best deal or offer there is out there in the market. You could be missing out on good deals by other suppliers if you rush the process.

Technology is on your side as you now have access to so much resources. Use this to your advantage by searching well before making that big purchase.

  1. Pay In As Much Cash As You Can

If you can skip taking out a car loan, do so. Whenever you can, it’s better for you to just pay in cash. Car loans can be financially exhausting, and just imagine all of the economic pressure you’ll be feeling. On top of the monthly payments for the car itself, the interest rate does add up to make the bill even bigger.

When you’re dead-set on buying a brand new car, pay as much cash in down payment as you can. This will give you lower monthly payments and a lower interest rate. Hence, you’re saving money in the long run.

If you aren’t too particular about getting a brand new vehicle, another smart option is for you to buy a secondhand car. There are so many used cars for sale that are just as good, quality-wise, as brand new ones.

  1. Negotiate The Price

Whether you’re buying a brand new car or a used one, it also doesn’t hurt to negotiate the price that’s offered to you. Brand-new car dealers are often easy to negotiate with as they’d rather just drop the price a bit more to have a deal closed than to have no sale at all for the day.

With used car dealers, they can also lower the price even more, especially when there are minor flaws that you bring to their attention.

Along this line, this is also why it’s very important that you do your research before even heading out to any dealer to buy. Make sure you know the current selling price or value of the car you’re going to buy. You can save a few hundred dollars by bringing that to the dealer’s attention so you can buy a car at approximately the same value.

  1. Be Nice

If you want the car dealer to be nice and amicable, then you should be, too. No one likes to deal with a customer that’s rude or a know-it-all. Talk to the potential car dealer you’re purchasing from as if you’re just talking with your best friend. They’ll also be more generous with their potential offers to customers that are amiable and easy to deal with.

This will greatly work to your advantage as this can also be the beginning of a good working relationship with your car dealer.


Previously, cars were considered to be more of a luxury than a commodity. At present, however, this is no longer the case. Especially when you have a family, a car is something you’ll need to have. While public transportation options are improving, it’s not always the most practical choice to rely on these public vehicles. Fortunately, buying a car today isn’t as difficult as it used to be. There are so many deals and offers that make this pursuit more attainable. The tips above can guide you.