Hyundai 2018. China hampers the sales’ recovery

Hyundai Global Performance

Hyundai Global performance in recent years did not follow the global industry growth while the 2018 was flat with 4.5 million units sold. Negative performances were registered in China and Saudi Arabia. In the recently published study, focus2move team projects volumes at 5.4 million by the 2025.

Hyundai ranks as the sixth largest car brand in the World, and it is one of the youngest automobile companies on the global market.

Hyundai concentrates, of course, half of its sales in Asia while playing a central role in Oceania and in the American region (North, Central and South aggregated). Despite having lost steam during the last decade, the South Korean brand holds a relevant share also in the African market, improving by 19.4% in the 2018.

Looking at the brand sales mix by segment, the absence of a pick up is a clear weakness, in particular, if considering the strong presence of this brand in Southern hemisphere (Africa, South Africa, Pacific) where the pick up share of market is quite relevant. The Koreans are working over this subject and in recent years many rumours came out talking on the Hyundai SUV project that should give birth to the first model ever in the 2020. Indeed, its seems they have not yet a clear strategy, as initially it was announced a large pick up, based on Santa Cruz large SUV, to be produced in the NAFTA area for local sales and export. Then, the focus was shifted on generating this pick up based on new Tucson platform (to be launched in 2021) in order to generate a more compact pick up, a competitor of the Toyota Hilux. Meantime, Hyundai is losing a potential additional 10-15% of sales (over 0.4 million units per year) which would project the brand ahead of Honda and Nissan.

In the 2018 Hyundai has sold 4.5 million light vehicles in the World, holding a flat trend (-0.3%), not able to recover from the previous year’s fall.

Since the 2010 the brand sales grew up 18.2% with a CAGR of 2.3%. During the same frame of time, global light vehicles market grew up from 73.7 millions to 94.3 million with a global CAGR of 3.5%. So Hyundai had a slowth growth of market share in this period. According to our study, in the period 2019-2025 Hyundai will boost sales at 5.4 million units.

Tracking all brands sales across the World – with a current coverage of 150 markets – the Focus2move Research Team has analyzed in detail the growth of Hyundai in the World since 2010, reporting in the just updated market research “Hyundai Global Sales Performance 2010-2025” all sales broken down by region, country and model.

In addition they have projected the development of the brand sales up to 2025 taking under consideration both the single market development forecast and the brand plans in terms of line up and growth.

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