Is it Great to Invest in Used Cars?


You might have been wondering about breaking free from the clenched daily commute. It is certainly a hassle when you have to squeeze in the crowd during rush hours just to get home.

Perhaps you are already saving up to purchase a car of your own, but you are puzzled about what to get. You have probably been doing a lot of tours in car dealerships, surfing over the internet, or asking a friend for car recommendations.

Having one to yourself gives you autonomy on time because you can get to places without having to take a bus that’s not available round the clock. Needless to say, you can be overwhelmed when shopping for a car that will suit your needs. Some new cars in the market can be out of the price range, so opt for a deal that will not put your budget to waste.

Advantages in Second-Hand Vehicles

According to SMMT, there is a boom in the UK used vehicle sales since the Coronavirus shutdowns, equating to 4.4%, 2,168,599 units in total. As a consumer, looking into used cars can leave you a bit reluctant. For you, we have listed the benefits so you can get the most mileage out of second-hand vehicles.

  • Depreciation expense

Some people will raise their eyebrows when you tell them you’re eyeing used vehicles. Well, they are not yours to impress. As a matter of fact, you can spend less money on used cars than new car brokers ripping you off. In the business world, the value of a brand-new car decreases once you drive it for kilometers on end.

By the time it is a year old, the value has already depreciated by 10%, at 3 years by 30%. On a lighter note, used vehicles are mostly in good condition. You chop off the high price tag and economize on expenses.

  • Target the Acoustic Spot

Become a wise spender on looking for great deals. You do not want unnecessary financial bins, right? Recalibrate your searches by targeting the acoustic spot between the time you will buy your car and the time you have maximized its utilization. In the 21st century, premium features emerged on vehicles.

But new cars have expiration dates too, which equals high repair costs. On used cars, there is less money produced. The best time to buy a used car is about 3 years old, you can get the most out of it because it has already depreciated while you enjoy its recent features.

  • Get High-End Cars for the Lowest Prices

Have you ever dreamed of getting the latest and state of the art convertible? Everybody does. While it can be quite a grim sight for its accompanied jam-packed price, you can come up with a cost-cutting solution. Find a certified pre-owned car seller, with that you could ride your high-end car.

Getting a high-quality product doesn’t always have to be paired with an eye-popping six-figure amount. Note that if you buy a brand-new car that offers the average features, might as well choose the depreciated convertible. Tag it as ‘minimized costs for a maximized car’.

  • Lesser Loan Amount

A major advantage you can get from buying a used car is that you do not have to pay the monthly mortgages and steep insurance costs. You are no longer obliged to pay full price, a bargain indeed. Immediately, you can pay in cash because no inflated fees will burden you out. Given that brand-new cars are valuable, they also come with a high insurance amount.

Disadvantages in Second Hand

  • Old Cars May Have Deteriorated Condition

There is a possibility that used cars may have deterred in time. Technology managed efforts to upgrade new units, but the case for old cars is different. They could have subpar components that may not be worth your money. These may only have limited choices for style and color.

Do not settle for less. Check if the brakes, tires, and seatbelts are well-functioning. You want to keep them safe while strolling around town. You can still score a deal for fantastic condition cars.

  • Manufacturer Warranty

Your buying experience can have you biting the bullet as you search for a manufacturer warranty. If there is a defect in the product, the company that produced the car model will replace a part or even the car itself. It depends on the design or how supreme it is compared to other car models they’ve manufactured.

In case any mishap would come, you would not have to worry sick as long as you have a warranty. Both ethics and legislation will see eye to eye that you should be equipped as a responsible buyer and cautious driver.

Brand New vs. Pre-owned?

Picture that you decided to give yourself a treat after years of hard work. It’s a brand-new car! Imagine the plastic seat covers and leather-patched smell. It has that exquisite shiny look. It is now yours.

  • Should You Choose New?

New cars come with a warranty and other benefits. These vehicles do not have a previous owner. Yes, you are the first to step on the gas pedal. Also, you could parade it to your colleagues to show that taste of success.

  • Disadvantages of New Cars

Get ready to invest a huge amount of money as you are paying the full price. You will lose its value as soon as you start to wear out the tires. They depreciate over time plus you are the one charged with high maintenance costs.

Be a smart investor for every purchase. The car you can afford is dependent on your generated income. In managing your finances, the popular rule of 20/4/10 should be applied. It says that you only have to pay a 20% down payment on a 4-year duration while other monthly expenses should not be any more than 10% of your salary.

Whether it is for your personal use or business purposes, it is up to you to choose the best option. Is it great to invest in used cars? Yes. As long as you are cautious and right off the bat you will find the perfect car for you.