Japan 2017. Vehicles sales up 5%. Renault the fastest growing

Japan Auto Market 2017

Japan Auto Market ended the 2017 with 5.25 million vehicles sold, up 5.3% supported by the economic growth momentum, Toyota was stable over 30% of market share, ahead of Honda. Importers are growing and Renault was the fastest growing in the year.

Japanese economy growth momentum appears to have carried over into Q4 as strong global demand propels demand for Japanese goods. This year’s stellar export performance is supporting manufacturing activity, as highlighted by December’s PMI figure, which hit a nearly four-year high. Investment is also benefiting from resilient global growth, with business confidence in Q4 climbing to an over one-decade high. Although weak wage growth is preventing the economy from achieving a more sustainable trajectory, consumers are increasingly confident that their incomes will increase in the coming months, providing a glimmer of hope to policymakers

Japanese vehicles market is the third in the World and really mature. In the recent years total sales had been between 5.0 million and 5.5 million (in the 2014). The 2017 was extremely positive and, according to the data released by the JADAJAMA and JAIA, the total vehicles (including HCVs and Bus) sold in the country have been 5.26 million (+5.3%)

At brand-wise Toyota has sold 1.587.000 units (+1.9%) with market share at 30.2%.

Honda was second with 724.000 registrations (+2.5%) followed by Suzuki with 674.000 (+8.3%), Daihatsu with 657.000 (+11.9%), Nissan with 585.000 (+9.6%), Mazda, with 206.000 (+2.6%), Subaru with 176.000 sales (+13.5%) and Mitsubishi with 91.622 units (+6.9.%).

In 11th place the importers leaders, Mercedes with 68.221 sales (+1.2%) followed by BMW with 52.527 units (+3.9%) and Volkswagen with 49.040 (+3.8%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models.

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