Jordan 2016. Toyota gained the leadership in a falling market


Jordan Vehicles Market 2016 was heavy negative hit by the economic crisis and growing unemployment. Toyota reduced the lost and overtook the former leader, Hyundai, struggling more than others.

The Syrian civil war and regional instability continued to weigh on Jordan’s economy in the third quarter of 2016, causing the economy to slow further. Moreover, in Q3 the unemployment rate continued to grow as conditions in the labor market worsened, due to the large number of refugees seeking jobs. On the upside, in the last quarter of the year consumer confidence gained some strength.

Auto sales had been penalized by the economic environment shown a negative mood across the entire year with the fourth quarter deeply down. Full year sales fell down at 44.777 registrations, down 27.4% from the previous year, declining for the second time in a row.

The battle for leadership was won by Toyota, able to overtake Hyundai despite losing 7% of volume. However, Hyundai lost 49.6% and was among the worse y.o.y. in the entire market. Third was Kia, down 25.8%, followed by Mitsubishi, down 62%, Nissan, -18% and Isuzu, up in triple digit.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top Brands

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