Kazakhstan 2015. Sales down in free-fall

Kazakhstan vehicle market

Kazakhstan Vehicles Market in 2015 was one of the worse globally dropping 40% from the previous year significantly affected by lower commodities prices. Renault was the only growing brand jumping in 4th place.

Economic Outlook

Kazakhstan’s growth and financial stability were significantly affected by lower commodities prices in 2015. Also, a deep recession in Russia and a deceleration in China, which are the country’s main trading partners, exacerbated deteriorating economic conditions. In the period from January to September, GDP increased just 1.2% annually—the slowest growth pace since 2009.

New data continued to indicate sluggishness in economic activity toward the end of the year as industrial production contracted for the fifth consecutive month in November. Meanwhile, late in the month, President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed into law the Labor and Entrepreneurial Codes, which took effect on 1 January.

Market Outlook

The sharp decrease in the economic development following the euphoric car market development of the period 2010-2014, when this was the fastest growing market globally, pushed down the 2015 sales with the devastating -40% registered at the end of the year.

Indeed, the hopes of a little recovery due in the Q4 had been frustrated with sales of 23.893 vehicles down over 40%. So, according to data released by the Kazakhstan Auto Association, during the entire 2015, new vehicles sold were 97.691, down 65.824 units from the previous year.

The market leader was again the Russian Autovaz (Lada) with 24.545 sales (-45.7%) and with 25.1% of market share. Outpacing the sister Kia, Hyundai was second with 11.170 units (-20.8%) while Kia in third sold 9.387  vehicles (-47.0%).

In fourth, Renault sold 8.474 units with an exceptional +3.7% and gaining 3 spots from 2014. Behind Toyota with 7.232 (-41.9%), Gaz with 5.166 (-25.1%) and UZ- Daewoo with 4.929 (55.7%).

The best-selling car was again the Hyundai Accent with 7.672 sales (-24.1%) ahead of the Lada Granta with 7.285 (-39.3%) and the Lada Priora with 5.959 (-61.3%)

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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