Korea best selling cars ranking in 2015

Korea best selling cars

Korea best selling cars ranking in 2015 led by Hyundai Sonata, Avante and Porter. Great success for the new Kia Sorento and for the SsangYong Tivoli just launched and already in 15th place.

According to data released by KAMA and KAIDA, the two South Korean Associations of Automotive Manufacturers, in the 2015 the best-selling vehicles in South Korea has been the Hyundai Sonata, steady from the previous year, with 108.438 sales (+0.4%) ahead of the Hyundai Avante, up 1 spot, with 100.422 sales (+7.0%).

Only these two had outpaced the barrier of 100.000 units. Indeed, the third, the Hyundai Porter had been sold in 99.743 units (+6.6%).

In fourth place the Hyundai Santa Fe with 92.928 sales (+19.6%) followed by the Kia Morning with 88.455 (-7.9%), the Hyundai Grandeur with 87.182 (-6.5%), the Kia Sorento with 77.764 (+104.8%, thanks to the last generation launch) and the Kia Carnival with 67.559 (+62.2%).

The Kia Bongo ranked 9th with 61.863 (+12.3%) followed in 10th place by the Chevrolet Spark with 58.978 (-2.5%).

Great customers tribute for the totally new SsangYong Tivoli launched this year and landed in 15th place with 45.021 units.

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2015 Rank2014 RankModel2015 Sales2014 Sales2015 Var%
11Hyundai Sonata108.438108.0140,4%
23HYUNDAI AVANTE100.42293.8957,0%
34Hyundai Porter99.74393.5726,6%
46Hyundai Santa fe92.92877.68919,6%
52Kia Morning88.45596.089-7,9%
65Hyundai Grandeur87.18293.209-6,5%
715Kia Sorento77.76838.124104,0%
814Kia Carnival67.55941.64362,2%
98Kia Bongo61.86355.10712,3%
107Chevrolet Spark58.97860.500-2,5%
1110Kia K558.61949.00019,6%
1213Hyundai Tucson57.41141.75537,5%
1311Kia Sportage52.72547.72910,5%
1412Hyundai Grand Starex48.38445.6426,0%
15Ssangyong Tivoli45.021
169Kia K342.91249.303-13,0%
1716Hyundai Genesis38.92336.7116,0%
1817Kia Ray25.98530.113-13,7%
1918SsangYong Korando Sports25.90528.292-8,4%
2027Samsung QM324.56018.19135,0%
2119Samsung SM523.86627.248-12,4%
2221Kia K720.80522.453-7,3%
2324KIA PRIDE19.68619.696-0,1%
2428Mercedes E Class19.65817.49112,4%
2520Hyundai Accent18.28023.209-21,2%
2626Chevrolet Cruze17.06118.903-9,7%
2725Chevrolet Malibu16.38219.157-14,5%
2823Samsung SM316.30220.923-22,1%
2929BMW 5 Series15.99415.3174,4%
3022SsangYong Korando C15.67721.840-28,2%
3130Audi A612.94311.68910,7%
3232Chevrolet Trax12.72710.36822,8%
3336BMW 3 Series10.8298.88821,8%
3438Hyundai Maxcruz10.5068.52923,2%
3553Mercedes S Class10.3564.175148,0%
3641Volkswagen Golf9.5017.23131,4%
3740Volkswagen Tiguan9.4678.13716,3%
3831Kia Mohave8.67310.581-18,0%
3967Hyundai Aslan8.6292.551238,3%
4033Chevrolet Captiva8.5119.370-9,2%
4149Samsung SM78.4854.69480,8%
4244Mercedes C Class8.1565.52047,8%
4335Chevrolet Orlando6.9878.893-21,4%
44Chevrolet Impala6.913
4545Volkswagen Passat6.3145.50614,7%
4646Daewoo Alpheon6.2605.01224,9%
4734Samsung QM56.1129.342-34,6%
4842SsangYong Rexton W6.0877.132-14,7%
4958Daewoo Labo5.7203.40667,9%
5037SsangYong Korando Turismo5.6838.680-34,5%
5157Mini Cooper5.5823.68051,7%
5247Lexus ES5.5754.90813,6%
5339Hyundai Equus5.0988.487-39,9%
5451Audi A44.9544.41012,3%
5550Kia K94.2944.429-3,0%
56Peugeot 20084.048
5752Kia Soul3.9254.373-10,2%
5859Volkswagen Jetta3.8273.37413,4%
5962Ford Explorer3.6892.98523,6%
6054Kia Carens3.6474.090-10,8%
6156Daewoo Damas3.5583.871-8,1%
6263BMW 1 Series3.4352.84320,8%
6361Volkswagen CC3.3543.2612,9%
6443Hyundai i303.2926.660-50,6%
6565Toyota Camry3.1712.65519,4%
6689Audi A33.0431.377121,0%
6764Audi A72.9632.8045,7%
6848Hyundai Veracruz2.9494.828-38,9%
6988BMW 4 Series2.8621.395105,2%
7074Audi Q52.7041.88143,8%
7155Chevrolet Aveo2.5544.018-36,4%
7272Honda Accord2.4222.12713,9%
7370Nissan Altima2.3782.2814,3%
7468Mercedes CLS2.3512.550-7,8%
7569Infiniti Q502.3452.354-0,4%
7666BMW 5 Series GT2.3392.566-8,8%
7786Land Rover Discovery2.2261.43255,4%
78Nissan Qashqai2.218
79103BMW X62.125896137,2%
8079BMW X52.0641.62926,7%
8160Hyundai i402.0433.331-38,7%
82124Mercedes CLA1.935550251,8%
8373Audi A51.9162.055-6,8%
8478Toyota RAV41.9081.65715,1%
8591Land Rover Range Rover Sport1.8531.33039,3%
8675BMW 7 Series1.8301.860-1,6%
8781Toyota Prius1.7871.58013,1%
88120BMW X41.721593190,3%
8980Audi A81.7081.5937,2%
90115Volvo S601.607696130,9%
9171Mini Countryman1.5602.265-31,1%
92102Porsche Cayenne1.50793062,0%
9383Land Rover Range Rover1.4891.4840,3%
94116Jeep Cherokee1.471663121,9%
95117Ford Mondeo1.463656123,0%
9692Land Rover Range Rover Evoque1.4571.3299,6%
9782BMW X31.4391.576-8,7%
98127Volvo V401.422501183,8%
99Land Rover Discovery Sport1.386
100105Honda CR-V1.37186658,3%