Latin America best selling cars 2017. The top 100


Latin America best selling cars 2017 benefit from the market recovery. The best-selling model in the total 28 countries followed by focus2move has been the Chevrolet Onix. Fast movers on top 10 are the Ford Ka and the Renault Sandero.

Positive economic data continues to emerge from the Latin American economy, confirming that the recovery is gaining traction across the region. Detailed GDP data released by national statistical institutes confirms that the Latin American economy grew 1.1% annually in Q2, a notable acceleration from Q1’s 0.8% increase and the best result in over three years.

Following the prolonged crisis that hit the South American Automotive market during the last years, in the 2017 the trend was positive thanks to recovery of key markets like Brazil and Argentina and the outlook is further brighter for the coming months.

As reported in separated documents, the LatAm leader among Manufacturers is Renault-Nissan, while at single brand level, the top is Chevrolet. As far as the best-selling model across the entire region (28 countries from Mexico down to the Terra del fuego), the 2016 leader is still on top of the list. It is the Chevrolet Onix, sold in 230.000 units, up 31.7%.

This model  is a subcompact car launched in the 2012 to succeed Chevrolet Corsa and some versions of Chevrolet Celta. Made in Brazilian plan at Gravataí, is only available with five-door hatchback, two flex-fuel engines (999 cm³ and 78/80 cv, 1,389 cm³ and 98/106 cv), five-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive. It’s sedan derivative is sold under the name Prisma and distributed in selected markets.

The second place was the Volkswagen Gol with 157.000 sales (+30.2%), recovering thanks to the second facelift to the third generation. It is a subcompact car manufactured by Volkswagen do Brasil since 1980 and available in hatchback and sedan version. The Gol was the best-selling car in Brazil for 27 consecutive years, from 1987 to 2014.

In third place the Ford Ka up 3 spots with 150.000 sales (+32.5%). It is a subcompact car, at the third generation, available with both  hatchback and sedan body . Introduced in the 2014, it was initially only available in Brazil, later being introduced in India, Mexico, South Africa (where it is marketed as the Ford Figo), Argentina and Europe.

In fourth place the Nissan Versa with 130.852 units (+5.3%) followed by the Renault Sandero, up 2 spots, with 126.516 units (+18.8%), the Toyota Hilux, leader among the pick ups with 124.842 units (+9.9%) and the Hyundai HB20, down 5 spots, with 106.374 units (-15.8%).

In eight placethe Toyota Corolla with 104.467 units (-1.3%) ahead of the Chevrolet Prisma with 102.874 (+26.8%) and in 10th place the Nissan March with 84.070 units (-4.9%).

You can see the full year 2016 ranking here

Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Chevrolet Onix230.954174.99632,0%
24Volkswagen Gol157.945121.33030,2%
35Ford KA150.685113.69332,5%
43Nissan Versa130.852124.2625,3%
57Renault Sandero126.516106.52918,8%
66Toyota Hilux124.842113.5829,9%
72Hyundai HB20106.374126.352-15,8%
88Toyota Corolla104.647106.036-1,3%
914Chevrolet Prisma102.87481.10626,8%
1011Nissan March84.07088.381-4,9%
1112Honda HR-V78.67385.022-7,5%
1251Fiat Mobi76.92732.333137,9%
1316Nissan Pick-up75.81669.4629,1%
149Chevrolet Spark70.44997.696-27,9%
1517Volkswagen Vento68.96167.7311,8%
1613Chevrolet Aveo67.62082.073-17,6%
1732Fiat Toro66.74546.03345,0%
1880Nissan Kicks65.10017.525271,5%
1918Fiat Strada64.79767.253-3,7%
2021Ford Ecosport62.71161.8251,4%
2130Volkswagen Saveiro60.69349.22823,3%
22156Hyundai Creta58.2595.457967,6%
2326Renault Logan55.51653.2514,3%
2420Ford Fiesta55.49864.418-13,8%
2519Renault Duster54.92265.614-16,3%
2615Volkswagen Jetta54.72772.749-24,8%
2722Nissan Sentra54.33761.224-11,2%
2846Volkswagen Voyage53.32735.78449,0%
29120Jeep Compass53.0588.644513,8%
3023Jeep Renegade53.01257.462-7,7%
3124Volkswagen Up!52.07456.416-7,7%
3228Ford Ranger51.96650.6962,5%
3331Chevrolet S1050.24846.7057,6%
3410Fiat Palio49.79694.212-47,1%
3544Kia Rio49.32337.74230,7%
3634Kia Sportage45.75744.4143,0%
3747Honda Civic43.42335.23923,2%
3841Toyota Yaris42.83440.6465,4%
3935Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox42.71643.727-2,3%
4048Peugeot 20842.43335.09020,9%
4139Fiat Uno41.92241.5790,8%
4249Volkswagen Amarok41.59533.85722,9%
43612Chevrolet Beat40.24424
4427Fiat Siena38.25450.982-25,0%
4538Chevrolet Sail38.11742.495-10,3%
4659Honda CR-V37.88928.60732,4%
4736Honda Fit36.51943.109-15,3%
4840Ford Focus35.57541.433-14,1%
4956Chevrolet Tracker34.58128.94219,5%
5167Toyota Etios34.40923.89844,0%
5245Nissan X-Trail33.34436.227-8,0%
5342Hyundai Tucson33.00539.466-16,4%
5452Chevrolet Spin32.84032.0432,5%
5553Honda City32.57431.8732,2%
5633Hyundai HB20S32.23246.023-30,0%
5754Suzuki Swift32.17130.7194,7%
5855Toyota Etios Sedan31.39529.7915,4%
5960Mitsubishi L20029.56027.4267,8%
6068Hyundai Accent29.31623.82323,1%
61251Renault Captur29.1562.0911294,4%
6258Toyota RAV428.51528.621-0,4%
6325Chevrolet Sonic28.02355.897-49,9%
64651Fiat Argo27.925-
6564Ford Figo27.47224.95110,1%
6662Chevrolet Cobalt27.00426.1203,4%
6766Renault Oroch26.41123.97910,1%
6879Volkswagen Polo25.73417.77344,8%
6971Peugeot Partner25.20821.21518,8%
7083Chevrolet Cruze25.16415.70860,2%
7177Peugeot 200823.87019.43222,8%
7269Renault Kangoo23.63621.4999,9%
7329Nissan Tsuru23.27249.505-53,0%
74651Renault Kwid22.576
7563Hyundai Grand i1022.06325.424-13,2%
7675Fiat Fiorino21.42319.7468,5%
7765Kia Picanto21.23924.599-13,7%
7874Mazda CX-520.39420.3650,1%
7976Ford F-Series20.15319.6892,4%
8088Volkswagen Suran19.86814.35438,4%
8161Chevrolet Trax19.73727.253-27,6%
8278Citroen C319.70919.1253,1%
8373Dodge Attitude19.50520.380-4,3%
8493Chevrolet Cruze Sedan19.46812.06461,4%
8589Kia Forte18.88314.22132,8%
8670Volkswagen Golf18.71921.319-12,2%
87107Mazda CX-317.45910.25670,2%
8881Hyundai Elantra17.23316.4045,1%
8982Toyota Hilux SW416.77615.8026,2%
90651Honda WR-V15.353
9184Chevrolet Montana15.32915.2580,5%
92101Citroen C3 Aircross15.23811.21135,9%
9386Seat Ibiza14.90515.046-0,9%
9457Nissan Frontier14.69128.675-48,8%
95114Suzuki Vitara14.0579.39849,6%
9687Peugeot 30813.14114.470-9,2%
97119Kia Soul13.0128.67550,0%
9897BMW 3 Series12.76111.48611,1%
9998Toyota Avanza12.69611.39811,4%
100163Volkswagen Tiguan12.6555.074149,4%