Martinique 2019. Renault is the new market leader in market at new all-time high

Martinique car market
The Jeep Compass 4xe

Martinique vehicles market grows in double digits and hit a new all-time record number of sales. Indeed, Full Year 2019 sales have been 17.912, up 12.9% compared to 2018. Renault overtakes Peugeot and becomes the new market leader.

Market Trend

The Martinique vehicle market grew in double digits in 2019 and hit a new all-time record number of sales.

The market was quite stable around the 15.000 annual units and after a slow period, with 2015 hitting the lowest level in 15 years, the return of strong consumer demand is sustained the market, and 2018 signed the second consecutive all-time record, with 15.862 sales, up 6.5%  from the previous year. The island is a French territory and this is clear walking on the roads, as the most of circulating cars are made in France.

Full-Year sales for 2019 have been 17.912, reporting a 12.9% increase compared to 2018.

Brand-wise, this year the new leader Renault (+33.6%) held 15.2% market share and overtook the previous leader Peugeot (-4.4%), which held 13.9% share. Dacia (+9.8%) remained in third position and held 9.8% market share.

The most sold model in the country this year was the Renault Clio with 1.320 sales, holding 7.4% market share.