Mexico best selling cars 2016. The final count!

Mexico best selling cars

Mexico best selling cars 2016. While new models are gaining terrain, Nissan, Chevrolet and Volkswagen kept dominating the top ranking. A new leader is on top, thanks to a facelift.

While the Mexican domestic vehicle market run fast hitting all volume records, month after month, a real revolution is in place in the customer’s choice among models.

In fact, the arrival of Koreans players in the last two years have created a real change in the sales mix and despite Hyundai arrived one year before, the real success was taken by Kia.

In the 2016, the ranking was led by the Nissan Versa, up 1 spot from the previous year, with 90.543 sales (+40.5%) ahead of the former leader the Chevrolet Aveo, with 80.052 (+4.4%) and the Chevrolet Spark, up 5 spots, with 74.078 sales (+73.0%).

In fourth place the first pick up, the Nissan Pick-up with 68.932 units (+11.9%) followed by the Volkswagen Vento with 63.201 (+19.0%) and the Volkswagen Jetta with 60.713 (+19.0%).

The Nissan March with 56.942 (+14.7%) ranked in seventh place ahead of the Nissan Tsuru, down 1 spot, with 49.337 sales (+0.4%), the Chevrolet Sonic, up 1 spot, with 49.305 (+58.4%) and in 10th place the Nissan Sentra with 45.977 (+27.7%).

he best new entrance was the Ford Figo, 14th with 24.697 followed by the Kia Sportage, 19th with 18.772 units.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top 100 models.

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