Mexico 2022. Chevrolet Groove Shines Within Top 50 Models Ranking

Chevrolet Groove
Chevrolet Groove

Mexico Top 50 Best Selling Cars in 2022. A new leader is on the Throne, the Kia Rio with 50,958 sales (+44.6%), a great success for the Korean manufacturer. MG 5 Jumps 30 spots into 7th place.

The Mexican vehicle market in 2022 with over 1 million sales posted the second growing year after the covid-driven collapse in 2020. Despite the good new, sales are still very far from the record of 1.6 million. 

In this article we are reporting the Top 50 models ranking of 2022.

On top of the list there is a new leader, the Kia Rio with 50,958 sales (+44.6%), a great success for the Korean manufacturer which landed in Mexico just a few years ago.

In second place the previous leader, the Nissan Versa with 4.4% market share and 48,055 sales (-31.1%), in front of the Nissan NP300 with 40,427 sales (-16.6%). 

In fourth place the Chevrolet Aveo with 30,850 (-16.7%). This model has been very popular in the past decade, reaching pole position more times than any other model in the rankings. While still very affordable, the Chevrolet Aveo has become quite obsolete in the last few years. 

In 5th ranks the Nissan March with 28,986 (-17.1%) followed by the last generation Chevrolet Onix with 26,280 (+112.6%), the MG 5 with 23,148 (+217.5%) and  the Nissan Sentra with 21,032 (-6.4%).

In 9th place the Toyota Hillux with 20,842 (+25.3%) and in 10th the Chevrolet Captive with 19,178 (+78.2%).

The following models have shown outstanding performances lower down the ranking: the new Chevrolet Groove in 14th place, the Chevrolet Tornado Van in 21st and the last generation Dodge Journey in 37th.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top 50 models.


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