Morocco 2017. Vehicles sales at third All Time record in a string


Morocco Autos Market in the 2017 hit the third consecutive all time record, while auto export from Renault plant improved substantially. Renault-Nissan Group dominates the market with 47% of share, with Dacia leader ahead of Renault and Ford.

Moroccan economy data for 2017 was largely upbeat, buoyed by the stunning rebound of the agricultural sector. Despite an unremarkable overall performance, industrial production saw notable gains in the manufacturing and mining sectors, the latter having benefit from strong global demand for phosphates.

Moreover, tourism grew at a healthy pace through June, although the pace of imports this year is likely to blunt any improvement to the current account deficit. Although Morocco’s economic prospects remain positive, the economy will decelerate sharply this year as the base effect related to a surge in agriculture production in 2017 fades away. Moreover, higher energy prices will add downward pressure on growth.

Morocco Vehicles Market in recent years is one of the best in the entire African continent. Based on economic and political stability, the industry is skyrocketing thanks to the Automotive National Plan introduced few years ago, with a clear and substantial incentive in support to attract international investors to develop and produce vehicles locally.

Renault, the first investor acting in the country, is improving local plant capacity and actually export in near 70 markets, while PSA is near to open the first plant in the country.

Domestic market is growing year after year and in the 2017 hit the third all time record in a row, with 168.593 new light vehicles sold, up 3.1%.

Renault-Nissan Group control the market with a total share of 47%. Dacia is market leader with 47.067 sales (+11.3%) and Renault is second with 23.761 (+37.1%). In third place Ford with 14.219 units (-4.8%) followed by Volkswagen with 12.564 (+4.6%) and Peugeot with 11.472 (-9.5%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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