Netherlands 2017. Toyota shines in a market up 7%

Netherlands Autos Sales

Netherlands Autos Sales recovered 7% in the 2017 after the previous year fall. Albeit losing volume, Volkswagen stands on top of the list while Renault in second has reduced the gap. The star of the year was Toyota, thanks to hybrid line up, up 30%.

Dutch economy is set to grow at the fastest clip in 10 years in 2017, and recent data suggests that growth will likely pick up in Q4 over the previous quarter. Sentiment indicators reached record-high levels in November.

Confidence among manufacturers reached the second-highest level on record, and all subcomponents and subsectors have remained in positive territory this year through November. On a slightly less positive note, annual growth in retail trade slowed in October, despite high consumer confidence levels, following a solid upturn in Q3.

Dutch vehicles market in recent years has reported up and down influenced by the effects of incentives for low emission vehicles, introduced and then cut, with the effect that full year 2016 sales at 385.000 were over 115.000 down from the 2012.

A robust private consumer demand sustained the market across the 2017 with a substantial recovery from the previous year. Indeed, according to data released by the RAI Vereninging, the Dutch Association of Car Manufacturers, sales grew at 414.548 (+7.7%).

Despite with a low tone, Volkswagen stands on top of the list with 42.966 sales (-1.9%) with the immediate challengers reducing the gap.

Renault was the second with 40.729 vehicles (+16.2%), followed by Opel with 34.808 (+7.1%), Peugeot with 31.094 units (+10.5%), Toyota with 24.061 (+30.0%), Ford with 23.804 (+11.4%), Kia with 23.237 (+24.4%), BMW with 18.830 (+0.4%), Skoda with 16.595 (+8.1%) and in 10th place Mercedes with 15.851 (+2.9%).

At model wise, the best-selling was Renault Clio with 11.780 sales (+9.8%) ahead of the Volkswagen Up! with 10.800 (+25.0%) and the Volkswagen Golf with 10.015 (+4.7%).

To see full data on the best-selling car in the year, please see the dedicated report here.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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