Netherlands best selling cars 2016. The top 100 ranking

Netherlands best selling cars

Netherlands best selling cars 2016 with all top models losing high volumes. The Volkswagen Golf ook the leadership replacing the Peugeot 308, with a narrow gap over the Renault Clio and the Volkswagen Polo.

Accordingly to data released by the Reivereninging, the Dutch Association of Car Manufacturers, in the 2016 the best selling cars ranking in the country was led by the Volkswagen Golf  with 10.780 sales, despite a sharp drop on sales and having lost almost 7.000 units or 40.1% from the previous year.

The gap over the followers was narrow with the Renault Clio in second with 10.730, falling down 36.8%, and the Volkswagen Polo in third with 9.945 units (-17.8%).

In fourth place the Opel Astra up 28 spots with 9.893 units (+181.3%) followed by the Volkswagen Up! with 8.638 units (-13.4%), the Ford Fiesta with 8.345 (-6.9%) and the Peugeot 108 with 8.246 (+9.2%).

In eight place the Kia Picanto with 8.216 (-7.3%) ahead of the Volkswagen Passat with 8.022 (-25.7%) and in 10th place the Renault Captur with 7.853 (-25.7%).

The 2015 leader, the Peugeot 308, dropped in 22nd place with 5.021 units (-82.6%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 100 Models

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