Netherlands best selling cars 2017. The top 100 ranking

Netherlands best selling cars 2017

Netherlands best selling cars 2017 ranking unchanged the leader, thanks to the Renault Clio performance, with two Volkswagen advancing in the other steps of the podium, the Up! and the Golf. Fast movers was the Opel Karl, 4th, up 7 spots.

Dutch vehicles market in recent years has reported up and down influenced by the effects of incentives for low emission vehicles, introduced and then cut, with the effect that full year 2016 sales at 385.000 were over 115.000 down from the 2012. A robust private consumer demand sustained the market across the 2017 with a substantial recovery from the previous year. Indeed, according to data released by the RAI Vereninging, the Dutch Association of Car Manufacturers, sales grew at 414.548 (+7.7%).

As far as the ranking of best-selling cars, the 2017 leader was – unchanged from the previous year – the Renault Clio with 11.780 sales (+9.8%) ahead of the  Volkswagen Up! with 10.801 units (+25.0%) and the Volkswagen Golf  with 10.015 sales (Sportvan derivative not included), up4.7%.

In fourth place Opel Karl, up 7 spots, with 9.907 (+32.1%) followed by the Kia Picanto with 9.625 (+17.1%), the Opel Astra with 9.447 units (-4.6%), the Ford Fiesta with 8.760 units (+5.0%) and the Volkswagen Polo, down 6 spots, with 8.654 units (-13.0%).

In nine place the Renault Captur with 7.944 (+1.2%) followed in 10th by the Renault Megane with 7.723 (+86.5%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 100 Models

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