New Zealand 2023. Car Market Decreases First Time In Years (-4.0%). Ford Up 71.6%

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 GR Sport
The 2023 Toyota RAV4 GR Sport

New Zealand Vehicles Market falls down from the peak. Following the All-time record scored in the previous year, in 2023 sales were 111.903 (-4.0%). Toyota boomed 28.7% doubling the second player result.

Market Trend and Outlook

New Zealand’s Auto Market in 2023, although showing some traits of recovery, reached 111.903 registration (-4.0%). While December was slightly up by 0.7%, reaching a total of 8,558 sales. 

Looking at cumulative data up to December 2023 brand-wise, the new leader Toyota reports 21,903 sales (+28.7%), overtaking Mitsubishi in 2nd with 10,283 registrations (-40.4%), followed by Kia with 10,055 units sold (-10.2%) and Hyundai -up 1 spot- with 7,089 total sales (-7.3%).

Suzuki loses 1 spot ranking into 5th place with 6,808 sales (-19.4%), followed by MG -up 1 spot- at 6,100 (+14.5%), Ford -up 3 spots- at 5,441 (+71.6%), and Tesla -down 2 spots- with 4,901 sales (-29.9%).

Mazda falls 1 spot into 9th position with 3,827 sales (-27.7%). BYD -up 7 spots- closes the top 10 with 3,718 car registrations (+120.5%).

Looking at specific models the Toyota RAV4 is still the best seller rising 49.2% in year-on-year sales, followed by the Tesla Model 3 up 63.1% and 9 spots in the rankings.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands and top 10 Manufacturers Group.

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