Peru 2018. Toyota leader in a market down 9.7%

Peruvian Cars market

Peruvian Cars market fell down 9.7% in 2018, with sales at 147.803. Toyota confirmed its leadership, losing just 4.2%, while the following Top brands declined in double-digit. Outstanding performance was scored by JAC, up 110.5%.

Economic Environment

Peruvian economic growth accelerated in the fourth quarter of the 2018. This follows a subdued performance in the third quarter, which saw economic activity weighed down by a marked cooling in business and infrastructure investment.

The expansion in economic activity gathered further pace in November, after jumping in October, boosted by strong showings in the manufacturing, construction, fishing and agricultural sectors. Moreover, credit increased robustly throughout Q4, and unemployment declined in the last two months of the year, both of which bode well for consumer spending.

Market Trend

Peruvian vehicles market growth consistently in the decade 2004-2013 hitting a record of 174.495 sales, before to be frozen by economic recession and decline for three consecutive years at the 153.876 scored in the 2016. However, in 2017 the market stabilized posting a feeble recovery, with 163.668 sales, up 6.4%.

In the 2018, according to data released by the A.R.A.P.E.R. (Association of Peruvian Car Manufacturers) the market has been quite unstable. Indeed, after fluctuating over the entire year, the market closed with 147.803 sales, losing 9.7% from the previous year.

Sales 2014Sales 2015Sales 2016Sales 2017Sales 2018'+/- 2018

Competitive Arena

Brand-wise, the 2018 market leader was again the Toyota, selling 28.448 units (-4.2%) with 19.2% of market share.

In second place Hyundai with 20.653 sales (-24.6%) followed by Kia with 17.061 (-16.9%), Chevrolet with 8.555 (-17.5%), Suzuki with 8.210 (-19.1%), Nissan with 5.808 (-40.1%)  Volkswagen with 5.144 (+3%), Mazda with 4.881 (-6.3%).

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