Poland 2020. Best selling cars ranking

Poland best
The 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

Poland Best Selling Car ranking in 2020 reports the Skoda Octavia maintaining the market crown with 4.4% of share, ahead of the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Yaris.

The Skoda Octavia – which has lost 1.4 points of share during the last decade – keeps the market throne in 2020, holding 4.4% of market share with 18.668 units sold.

In second position we find the Toyota Corolla, growing from a mere 0.5% of share in 2010 to 4.1% with 17.507 units, ahead of the Toyota Yaris -up 2 spots-, holding 3.6% share and 15.378 sales.

In fourth position we have the Skoda Fabia -down 1 spot- with 3.2% market share with 13.776 units, followed by the Dacia Duster holding 2.9% share with 12.356 sales.

In sixth position we have the best performer of the year, the Toyota Rav4, holding 2.2% of share with 9.587 units, followed by the Fiat Tipo with 8.744 units (2% share) and the Renault  Clio with the same share and 8.616 units.

At the bottom of the leaderboard, we have the Toyota C-HR -up 5 spots- with 1.9% share and 8.271 sales, followed by the Volkswagen Golf -up 3 spots- with 7.342 units (1.7% share).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for top 20 models.

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