Portugal. Peugeot hit the new record in market down 2% in 2019

Portuguese Auto Market

Portuguese Auto Market in 2019 broke the series of six consecutive growth. Total new car sales in 2019 have been 223.778, down 2%, despite having reported positive performances in the last months. Peugeot hit the new record share.

Economic Environment

The economy grew at the slowest pace in over three years in the third quarter. This came amid contracting exports, while government spending remained subdued. More positively, private consumption ticked up supported by mild price pressures and a tight labor market. Meanwhile, data for the fourth quarter suggests the economy continued to grow at a moderate pace.
In October, tourist arrivals continued to increase, while merchandise exports grew strongly. Business and consumer sentiment, however, were still subdued relative to the values observed last year. In other news, in mid-December the government released details of its prospective 2020 budget, which projects a fiscal surplus and aims to trim public debt by continued government expenditure restraint.

Market Trend

The financial crisis in the 2008/2009 hit Portugal and the Portuguese automotive industry more than any other country in Europe, a part Greece and the market lost over 75% of pre-crisis volume in three years. However, since the 2012 the economy started to recovery and was followed by the auto industry, which scored 6 years of growth from 2012, when a negative peak of below 100.000 units was hit, and the 2018, when car sales were 225.825.

Finally, in 2019 the growth speed was over and the market ended the year below the previous. Indeed, Total new car sales in 2019 have been 223.778, down 2%,  despite having reported positive performances in the last months.

Portuguese domestic market has not an owner, but many brands with relevant share. In the recent years two French manufacturers have gained terrain on top of the ranking, with Renault leader with a market share around the 13% (the record was established in the 2017 at 13.7%) and Peugeot steadily growing, with 2018 at the record share, first time over the 10% and in 2019 was further up, with share at 10.6%.

In third place Mercedes with an impressive growth from 4.0% of share in 2010 to 7.2% in 2018 ( the record was in the 2015 at 7.6%).

In recent years, Opel, Ford and Volkswagen have lost terrain while Nissan, BMW, Citroen and Fiat gained.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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