Romania 2017. Suzuki the fastest in a market up in double-digit

Romania Vehicles Sales

Romania Vehicles Sales kept momentum in the 2017 posting the fourth increase in a row, up in double-digit from the previous year. With 28.5% of market share Dacia dominates its domestic market, while the fastest growing brand was Suzuki, up 46%.

Romania economy  posted the fastest annual growth rate since Q1 2008. A surge in household spending on the back of a tightening labor market and expansionary fiscal policy were behind the positive reading. Available data for Q4 suggests the economy continued to perform well in the last quarter of the year. In October year-on-year growth in industrial production jumped from the previous month, led by a strong manufacturing sector. Solid external demand, as reflected by export data, drove the result.

Romanian vehicles market was among the worse in Europe during the 2009 crisis declining to a negative peak in the 2013 with 57.710 car passenger’s sales. Then, the economic recovery pushed the market up with uninterrupted growth up to the 2017. According to data released by the Romanian Department of Internal Transportation, in the 2017 car passenger’s sales have been 105.083 (+10.7%). 2018 Outlook is still positive.

At brand-wise, Dacia is losing share having sold 29.974 units (+8.6%) with share down at 28.5%.

In second place Volkswagen, up 12.3% with 9.361 sales followed by Skoda with 8.734 units (+0.7%), Ford, with 8.043 sales (+17.7%), Renault with 7.708 units (+11.5%), Opel with 5.914 (+15.9%) and Mercedes with 4.117 units (+11.4%).

At model-wise, the market leader is again the Dacia Logan with 17.189 sales (+1.6%) ahead of the Dacia Duster with 6.791 sales (+29.3%) and the Dacia Sandero with 3.821 (+17.1%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models.

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