Romania 2019. Auto the market kept the speed and Renault gained the 2nd place

Romanian car market

Romanian car market in 2019 kept growing fast. Indeed, Total sales have been 161.533, surging to 23.4%. Renault gained the second position, with 8.4% of market share, while the market leader Dacia ended at 31.7%.

Economic Environment

Romanian economy likely remained subdued in Q4 2019, after growth slowed to an over five-year low in Q3 as both the industrial and external sectors felt the pinch of protracted weakness in the EU. Industrial production contracted at a sharper pace in October, showing the industrial sector was not yet out of the doldrums. However, retail sales expanded solidly in October-November, supported by a tight labor market.

Market Trend

Romanian vehicles market was among the worse in Europe during the 2009 crisis declining to a negative peak in the 2013 with 57.710 car passenger’s sales. Then, the economic recovery pushed the market up with uninterrupted growth up to the 2017 with 130.953 sales (+24.6%).

In 2019, according to data released by the Romanian Department of Internal Transportation, the market kept the recent years’ positive trend, favoured by a positive economic environment. Indeed, Total sales have been 161.533, surging to 23.4%.

The competitive arena was dominated by the local manufacturer, Dacia, which during the last decade always held around 30% of the market. Indeed, in 2019, Dacia kept 31.2% of share, keeping a huge gap from the followers.

In second position, Renault held 8.4% overtaking Ford, thus gaining the second position. Behind, during the last decade, Ford has steadily improved, reaching 7.7% of market share.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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