Self-driving Cars Are A Thing Of The Now – Everything You Need To Know


Most of us grew up watching the Jetsons cartoon, and we thought the world would have flying cars by the time we grow up, just as in the show. However, that still seems like a distant dream. But we should agree that there has been a significant advancement in the automobile industry over the past few years.

Until a few years ago, automatic vehicles were the popular trend. But little did we know that autonomous vehicles would take over the market. Today, numerous vehicle manufacturers are experimenting in the self-drive car segment, and they are a hit among the customers. If you have not had a first-hand experience of self-driving cars, here is all that you need to know!


Every year around 1.35 million people die worldwide because of road accidents and motor vehicle crashes. Road safety research finds that most of the accidents and crashes are a result of human error. So, we could say that removing the human element from the picture could significantly reduce the number of accidents. However, that does not mean that self-driving car accidents do not take place. While autonomous vehicles also meet with accidents, the number of instances is significantly low, and the fatality of these accidents is low. Recent stats suggest that the accidents in self-driving cars are around 1 fatality for every 320 million miles driven.


Every road, freeway, and lane has a different speed limit. When you navigate through traffic and alter between different speed limits, the pressure on your engine varies significantly and takes a toll on your vehicle’s health. Besides that, it also impacts the fuel consumption of your vehicle as you keep switching gears and push the vehicle through the various fluctuations in speed.

However, when you are in a driverless car, the vehicle that does the thinking for you and the integrated maps ensure that you maintain the speed limit. This would help you save significantly on fuel costs. Besides that, most driverless markets in the making are hybrid or electric. This means you would save a fortune when it comes to fuel costs.

Fewer Traffic Jams

Navigating through traffic and commuting every day is a stressful event. Most people despise their work for the same reason. A major cause for traffic jams is the result of poor judgment from the drives. However, this can be avoided if driverless cars take over the stress. The telematics in the vehicle would interact with each other, and there would be more harmony and less traffic on the road.

As you would not be driving, it wouldn’t add to your physical and mental stress even if there is traffic congestion due to unavoidable reasons. And the best part is, even if you are stuck in traffic, you can take a nap and wait for your vehicle to drive you to the destination without a worry in the world.

These are some of the many interesting things to know about the world of self-driving cars. The good news is that the automobile industry is progressing faster than ever, and we could soon be living in a world where almost everyone owns a self-driving car.