Slovenia 2017. Toyota the raising star in a market up 11%


Slovenian Vehicles Market kept momentum in the 2017 with car passenger’s sales up 11% at the best in this decade. Volkswagen defended the leadership from the assault of Renault while Toyota was the fastest growing brand.

Slovenian economy in the 2017 was among the best performing in the Eurozone amid sturdy region-wide growth. Healthy private consumption, an increase in government spending, and a stellar expansion in exports drove the strong result, although it was a marginal dip from the second quarter. The strong growth momentum likely spilled over into Q4, as recent survey data showed that consumer confidence in November remained at October’s all-time high, and business confidence surged to an over 10-year high in the same month. Moreover, the fiscal deficit continued to shrink in November as the government’s total revenues rose at a faster pace than its expenditures, strengthening the economy’s debt dynamics.

Slovenian vehicles market has fast recovered after the 2009 crisis and domestic sales are growing uninterruptedly since five years, with 2016 light vehicles sales at 73.633, including car passenger’s at 63.672. According to data released by the Association of Car Manufacturers in Slovenia, in the 2017 sales has taken a fast speed during all the year ending at 70.891 units (+11.4%).

At brand-wise, the market leader Volkswagen has sold 10.582 units (+8.6%) keeping the distance over the followers, first of all Renault, with 9.981 units (+20.5%), aiming to be back leader in a country where is the top producer.

In third Skoda with 6.815 sales (+15.6%) followed by Opel with 4.696 units (+1.5%), Hyundai with 3.952 (+18.5%), Dacia with 3.787 (+29.2%), Peugeot with 3.291 (+7.3%), Ford with 3.181 (-4.4%), Citroen with 2.955 (+14.7%) and in 10th place Nissan with 2.441 (+12.2%).

At model-wise, market leader was the Volkswagen Golf  with 3.482 sales (+34.2%) followed by the Renault Clio with 3.476sales (-9.8%) and the Skoda Octavia with 2.873 (+20.9%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models.

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