Spain best selling cars 2017. The top 100

Spanish auto market

Spain best selling cars 2017 benefit from market increase with almost all top models up. The leadership is taken by the Seat Leon, followed by the Seat Ibiza, the Renault Clio and the Nissan Qashqai.

Spanish vehicles market is recovering year-after-year since the tremendous fall reported after the 2009 crisis, when volume dropped by over the half. The government have sustained the recovery of the industry, crucial for a market that is the second major auto producer in Europe, with an incentive plan called PIVE, which sustain the scrap of old vehicles when purchasing a new one. The program has been modulated across the years becoming a stable sustain to the domestic market, that in the last five years grew up from less than 700.000 cars in 2012 to over 1.1 million last year.

As far as the best-selling car ranking, for which we report here the top models, the head of the race results unchanged from last year with the podium confirmed.

Indeed, the best-selling model in Spain in the 2017 was the Seat Leon with 35.327 units sold (+5.0%) followed by the Seat Ibiza with 33.802 sales (+5.8%) the Renault Clio, up 2 spots, with 28.873 units (+13.8%) and the Nissan Qashqai, up 3 spots, with 28.757 sales (+14.1%).

In fifth place the Dacia Sandero, up 3 spots, with 26.794 units (+6.9%) ahead of the Opel Corsa with 26.750 units (-0.6%), the Volkswagen Golf, down 1 spot, with 26.078 units (+2.8%) and the Volkswagen Polo with 23.860 units (-6.2%).

Behind the Renault Megane with 23.344 (+18.3%) and in 10th place the Peugeot 208 with 20.943 (-3.0%).

Wishing to see the 2016 final ranking see here

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2017Rank 2016ModelSales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Seat Leon35.32733.65362,1%
22Seat Ibiza33.80231.936-4,1%
35Renault Clio28.87325.3668,4%
47Nissan Qashqai28.75725.20818,3%
58Dacia Sandero26.79425.07046,1%
63Opel Corsa26.75026.904-43,8%
76Volkswagen Golf26.07825.360-28,2%
84Volkswagen Polo23.86025.424-25,5%
912Renault Mégane23.34419.73911,9%
1010Peugeot 20820.94321.59619,7%
1125Citroen C320.74112.67364,0%
1214Hyundai Tucson20.19819.416-5,5%
1313Renault Captur20.18719.68316,2%
149Peugeot 30820.10923.5071,5%
1518Peugeot 200819.48816.9406,0%
1611Opel Astra19.16420.852-40,3%
1715Toyota Auris17.68417.997-21,5%
1871Seat Ateca17.6315.416-1,1%
1917Opel Mokka17.24516.972-20,0%
2019Ford Focus17.24416.027-3,3%
2116Kia Sportage16.84317.08257,4%
2223Fiat 50016.50313.261-29,2%
2329Volkswagen Tiguan16.40012.0858,6%
2433Peugeot 300815.49410.484-1,4%
2520Toyota Yaris15.44113.959-4,0%
2621Citroen C4 Picasso14.31513.87928,8%
2724Renault Kadjar13.06512.971-0,7%
2826Dacia Duster12.27612.65327,8%
2930Hyundai i2012.07811.3330,4%
3039Ford Kuga11.7109.50010,4%
3157BMW X111.4527.12058,0%
3222Audi A311.36213.372-33,1%
3328Nissan Juke11.18012.45318,2%
3427Ford Fiesta10.90012.466-18,7%
35175Toyota C-HR10.83865627,4%
3638Mercedes A Class10.7589.553-4,8%
3731Citroen C4 Cactus10.64011.1528,1%
3832Kia Cee’d10.15910.8088,0%
3950Fiat 500x10.0888.324-32,1%
4035Kia Rio9.69610.258-16,2%
4154Mercedes GLA9.6187.6414,5%
4234Hyundai i309.47510.3640,0%
4347BMW 1 Series9.3428.52756,8%
4440Audi A19.2259.29223,4%
4575Fiat Tipo9.1104.933-10,7%
4646Skoda Fabia9.0958.6182,8%
4752Toyota RAV48.9677.77510,8%
4843Fiat Panda8.9658.919-11,3%
4963Renault Scénic8.8046.30898,6%
5074Nissan Micra8.6745.00546,2%
5156Kia Carens8.5787.31828,0%
5348Audi Q38.2618.408-4,8%
5461Nissan X-Trail8.0246.49115,0%
5545Mercedes C Class7.9498.802-9,0%
5641Volkswagen Passat7.9289.189-2,3%
5749Audi A47.8498.4007,4%
5855Volkswagen Touran7.6887.550-46,0%
5970Mercedes GLC7.6605.45541,8%
6058Citroen C-Elysée7.5706.824-2,0%
6144Opel Zafira Tourer7.4758.843-44,9%
6253Opel Insignia7.0957.683-22,6%
6351BMW 3 Series7.0378.162-12,9%
6459Mazda CX-56.8696.60884,7%
6537Fiat 500L6.7119.561-53,0%
6673Peugeot 50086.5605.041114,3%
67183Audi Q26.298543-21,0%
68121Ford Ka+6.1751.913-16,2%
6966Mitsubishi ASX6.1315.996-38,7%
7067Ford C-max5.9895.804-26,3%
7160Skoda Octavia5.9816.500-27,7%
7272Jeep Renegade5.9725.312-36,9%
7336Citroen C45.9469.607-30,4%
7469Audi Q55.5765.486-42,9%
7568Volvo XC605.5345.560-57,8%
7665Land Rover Range Rover Evoque5.4286.014-35,7%
7762BMW 2 Series Active Tourer5.4256.442-35,4%
7876Nissan Pulsar4.6854.713-10,5%
79169Kia Niro4.643700268,5%
8081Ford Ecosport4.5943.982-17,8%
8178Mazda CX-34.5774.47514,5%
8264Toyota Verso4.3946.033-35,9%
8393Dacia Lodgy4.3233.28858,0%
8480Volvo V404.2544.14618,4%
8582Mercedes B Class3.9893.949-36,4%
8684Suzuki Vitara3.9563.7768,6%
87111Mini Countryman3.8162.325116,1%
8990Hyundai i103.7853.40727,1%
90Opel Crossland X3.780
9177Peugeot 5083.7414.514-12,6%
9286Toyota Aygo3.4773.6365,4%
9379Mercedes CLA3.4504.29337,6%
9494Smart Fortwo3.3753.2699,7%
9589Kia Picanto3.3443.41429,5%
96102Mercedes E Class3.3112.748-17,3%
9796Renault Talisman3.1573.191-24,7%
9887Dacia Logan3.0063.590-27,9%
99101BMW 4 Series2.9542.779-9,3%
100109Lexus NX2.8952.417-3,6%