Switzerland 2019. Skoda, Seat & Tesla shone in a market up 3.9%

Switzerland Auto Market

Switzerland Auto Market registered a moderate recovery in 2019. Indeed, the Full-year sales have been 331.397, up 3.9% from the previous year. Mercedes replicated the 2018 share record while Skoda, Seat and Tesla are the fastest growing brands.

Economic Environment

Switzerland economy picked up some pace in the third quarter according to recent data, although the expansion was still modest. The reading was buoyed by rising exports of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and energy, as well as a rebound in fixed investment. However, private consumption was stuck in a low gear, amid weak consumer sentiment, while manufacturing activity was soft.

Turning to the fourth quarter, momentum likely remains moderate. While the manufacturing PMI averaged higher in October–November than in Q3, it was still in contractionary territory, and the KOF economic barometer slumped to a multi-year low in November on weak dynamics in the banking and insurance, and accommodation and food services sectors.

Market Trend

The Switzerland vehicles market is one of the most stable in the World with car passenger sales in the last decade always among the minimum of 293.000 done in the 2010 and the maximum of 329.000 of the 2012. In the 2018 sales were below the 300.000 units at the second lowest level in the decade.

In 2019, according to the data released by the Association of local Automotive Importers, sales have marginally recovered.

Indeed, the Full-year sales have been 331.397, up 3.9% from the previous year.

Due to the high level of pro capita income, the country is one of the top for sales of luxury and premium brands and represent a feud for German manufacturers with Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW on top of brands ranking.

Volkswagen in 2019 was stable at 11.1% of share, a couple of points below the best done in this decade (13.4% in the 2012) while the second, Mercedes, which has sharply grown from the 4.2% of 2010, has replicated the 2018 8.6% share record. BMW did the record share last year as well while ending the 2019 at 8.1% share level.

The stars of the year were Skoda, ending at 7.4%, Seat, with 4.6% and Tesla, at 1.7%, over three-time more than in the 2018.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands and top 10 Manufacturers Group.

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