Taiwan best selling car. The top 50 in the 2017

Taiwan Best Selling Cars

Taiwan Best Selling Car ranking in the 2017 was dominated by the Toyota Corolla, confirming the leadership ahead of the Toyota Rav4. New models landed immediately behind with the Toyota Sienta in third place and the Honda HR-V in fifth.

Taiwanese vehicles market in recent years grew up with a series of all-time record and after outpacing the 400.000 annual units in the 2014 is actually running towards the milestone of half a million. On this road, during the 2017 sales hit the new all time record, the second in a row, with 443.465 units sold (+1.6% ).

The best-selling cars ranking in the 2017 reports the renovated success of the 2016 leader but also the arrival of two new stars, landed immediately in pole position.

Indeed, according to the data released by the T.T.V.M.A. market leader is again the Toyota Corolla with 39.887 sales (-8.0%) followed by the Toyota Rav4 with 22.240 units (+4.3%) and the new Toyota Sienta landed in third place with 14.577 sales.

In fourth place, the CMC Veryca with 13.414 sales (-1.2%) followed by new Honda H-RV, landed in fifth place with 13.399 sales.

Behind, the Nissan Tiida with 12.222 (+3.2%) ahead of the Toyota Yaris with 12.052 sales (-18.2%) and the Honda CR-V with 11.345 units (+7.6%).

In ninth place ahead of the Nissan Livina with 10.051 (+1.9%) followed by the Mazda3 with 10.047 (-11.3%).

Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Toyota Corolla39.88743.370-8,0%
22Toyota RAV422.44021.5234,3%
342Toyota Sienta14.5772.581464,8%
44CMC Veryca13.41413.573-1,2%
541Honda HR-V13.3992.648406,0%
66Nissan Tiida12.22211.8393,2%
73Toyota Yaris12.05214.726-18,2%
88Honda CR-V11.34510.5467,6%
99Nissan Livina10.0519.8651,9%
1116CMC Zinger9.4697.26130,4%
1211Mitsubishi Delica9.3319.626-3,1%
1312Toyota Vios8.5699.532-10,1%
1419Ford Kuga7.5515.97426,4%
1510Nissan X-Trail7.5059.645-22,2%
1613Ford Focus7.1418.136-12,2%
1718Mercedes C Class6.5546.0378,6%
1817Toyota Camry6.0177.045-14,6%
1915Nissan Sentra5.8997.268-18,8%
2014Luxgen U6 Turbo5.7678.028-28,2%
2135Lexus NX5.6092.84797,0%
2225Mercedes E Class5.3194.74512,1%
2321Mazda CX-55.0695.356-5,4%
2423Lexus RX4.9155.152-4,6%
2524Mitsubishi Outlander4.7094.772-1,3%
2648Mercedes GLC4.4792.189104,6%
2729Hyundai Tucson4.2843.71315,4%
2830BMW 5 Series4.2113.59917,0%
2922Honda Fit4.1085.266-22,0%
3044Hyundai Elantra3.7942.30764,5%
3152Volkswagen Tiguan3.6521.87494,9%
3234Suzuki Vitara3.5482.91821,6%
3327Mitsubishi Colt Plus3.2743.866-15,3%
3428Subaru Forester3.1963.790-15,7%
3533Mazda CX-33.1942.9568,1%
3647Volkswagen Golf3.1642.24241,1%
3737Mitsubishi Canter3.0642.8049,3%
38Luxgen U52.964
3926Honda City2.7604.059-32,0%
4046Suzuki Carry2.6982.24320,3%
4150Nissan March2.6892.10827,6%
4231BMW 3 Series2.6823.200-16,2%
43Toyota C-HR2.481
4450Mitsubishi Lancer2.4562.10816,5%
4539Luxgen M7 Turbo2.4262.792-13,1%
4632Lexus ES2.3943.043-21,3%
4738Honda Odyssey2.3692.796-15,3%
4836Luxgen S32.2962.806-18,2%
4940Ford Fiesta2.1192.721-22,1%
5077Volkswagen Touran1.9101.25152,7%