Taiwan 2020. In June the market was back on track (+13.2%)

Taiwanese Vehicles Sales

Taiwanese Vehicles Sales in June 2020 has recovered after two consecutive negative months. Indeed, by registering 39.282 in June (+12.4%) the market ended the First Half on a positive trend, with 197.277 sales (+2.5%). Lexus scored the best Top 10 performance.

Market Trend in June

After registering negative performances for two consecutive months, the market went back on track in June. However, thanks to effective anti-covid19 response at an early stage, the Taiwanese vehicle market is even registering a positive year-to-date trend. Indeed, with 39.282 units sold in June (+12.4%), the First Half ended to 197.277, up 2.5% from 2019.

Brand-wise, Toyota grew 17.3% in June while Lexus reported the best top 10 performance, surging 33.4%, taking the 5th position in the year-to-date ranking. 

Post Covid19 Market Trend

Actually, control and inspection measures in Taiwan were taken much earlier than other countries. On 31 December 2019, Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) already implemented restriction measures for inbound flights from Wuhan (China). Indeed, the government’s early deployment of epidemic control measures and follow-up actions have received international praise, and managed to contain the number of cases throughout the country.

As a result, the car market was not affected, managing to end the first quarter on a positive score (+2.8%) with 97.111 units sold.

However, in April the market reported a double-digit drop (-11.1%), registering 30.882 units, while in May fell moderately down (-6.7%) at 33.528.

Medium Terms Market Trend

Taiwanese vehicles market (cars+LCVs) in recent years grew up with a series of all-time record and breaking the 400.000 units milestone in 2014. On this road, during the 2017 sales hit the new all-time record, the second in a row, with 446.669 units sold (+1.6%).

However, in 2018 the vehicles market decelerated, closing registrations at the lowest volume since 2015, with 432.314 sales (-3.2%) while in 2019 sales were at 438.145.

During the first two months of 2020, according to the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturing Association, the market registered flat trend. Indeed, Year-to-Date February sales have been 65.231, up just 1.5%.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands and top 10 Models.

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