Uganda 2016. New vehicles market down, used vehicles up


Uganda Auto Sales 2016 were down from the previous year record. However, the car fleet keeps growing fueled by a great number of pre-owned vehicles imported. Market leader is Toyota the only one over 1.000 sales.

Uganda’s economic struggles came under the spotlight this past month when the World Bank published its updated economic outlook and the Managing Director of the IMF made an official visit to the country. The World Bank and Christine Lagarde both acknowledged the resilience of the economy and the improving access to financial services.

The growth of local circulating vehicles park keeps to be mainly fueled by pre-owned vehicles, arriving from South AFrica or from Japan, via Emirates and frequently include new vehicles registered as first time in the Emirates with zero kilometers and then imported in Uganda and in others African markets were a favorable duties system support this “grey practise”.

However, reporting just on official new vehicles registrations, we observe as the market stand at very little level, below the 3.000 units, with 2016 a little below the previous year with 2.468 sales.

Dominated by commercial vehicles and pick ups, the market is dominated by Toyota, the only brand over 1.000 sales, with 40.7% of share, ahead of Mitsubishi and Tata.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top Brands

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