USA 2022. Best Selling Cars With Top 50 Ranking


USA Best Selling Cars ranking in 2022 reports growing Tesla success with the Model 3 jumping 24 spots into 6th. On top of the list, as usual there is Ford F-Series, while the best car passenger is the Toyota RAV4.

We are not sure if all “experts” which spent their time and influence against Mr Musk dream are still around or stopped sharing sentences on the future. Facts are that Tesla is near to gain the leadership of the US Auto Market, and is in the Top 10 both in China and in Europe.

The absolute leadership in the US market is still very far from Tesla, due to the American people’s love for Big Trucks. But looking at car passengers, Tesla model 3 is already the best sedan and the second car.

However, looking at the ranking from the top, of course the 2022 leader is – as in the last decades – the Ford F-Series with 653,957 sales (-9.9%), followed by the Chevrolet Silverado, with 520,936 (-1.7%) which gained one spot from the previous year.

In third place the Ram Pick-Up with 468,344 sales (-17.7%), followed by the Toyota RAV4 with 399,941 (-1.9%).

In 5th place the Toyota Camry with 295,201 sales (-5.9%) ahead of the Tesla Model 3 is 6th and up 24 spots with an impressive sales boom at 264,648 (+117.6%) and is definitively the star of the year.

GMC Sierra ranks in 7th with 241,521 (-3.0%), the Honda CR-V with 238,155 (-34.1%) and the Toyota Tacoma with 237,323 (-6.0%)

In 10th place the Tesla Model Y with 225,799 (+39.8%).

Looking back, another astonishing success ranks in 29th place and is the Ford Bronco with 117,057 sales (+234.2%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 50 Models

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