What Should You Look For In A Car Shipping Company?

If you’re thinking about shipping your car across the country, you need to choose a car shipping company. Choosing the right company comes with a lot of considerations. Cars are expensive, so you need to choose a company you really trust. Then, you’ve got cost, availability, and insurance to consider. This article is going to inform you of exactly what to look for in a cheap car shipping company.


The cost of shipping your car can vary dramatically. It’s based on the distance traveled, the type of car you’re shipping, how many cars you’re shipping, and more. Some car shipping companies – like Guardian Auto Transport – provide an instant quote. All you have to do is fill in some basic details about your shipping requirements. This allows you to get an idea of the costs involved before you choose a car shipping company. It’s always worth getting a couple of quotes when you’re purchasing a service like this, so you can get the best price possible.


Shipping a car isn’t risk-free. Whilst car shipping companies take all of the necessary safety precautions; accidents can still happen. You should ask to see a copy of the car shipping company’s insurance policy before you book the service. If you’re shipping an expensive sports car or a classic car, you can often opt for a premium insurance policy that gives you better cover. Alternatively, you can buy your own separate premium policy.

Shipping Report

This document is designed to ensure that you are aware of any damage caused during transit. The owner will receive a report detailing the condition of the car before transit and a report detailing the condition after transit. This shows you details of the damage sustained, if any, so you can claim for it on insurance. You should ask a shipping company about their shipping report before choosing them.


For some people, their car is their pride and job. For others, it’s just a way to get from A to B. However, no matter how much you care about your car, you want to know that it’s being looked after when it’s being shipped across the country. To find out what kind of service a car shipping company provides, you should check out their online reviews before choosing them. If they have mostly positive reviews, this is a good indicator that they provide a good service. Don’t be afraid to ask a company about the service they provide – if they’re proud of it, they should be happy to give you all the information you need.


When you’re moving house and shipping your car, you want to minimize the disruption to your life. You don’t want to be stuck without your car for longer than you have to be. That’s why you should check the cheap car shipping company’s availability before you book. Some smaller shipping companies might not have the capacity to move your car on the day you want, so you should always check first.