World Best Selling Car 2016. Honda Civic jumps 7 spots joining top 10

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World Best Selling Car 2016 ranking with Ford F-Series advanced very near the second place, behind Toyota Corolla and VW Golf. One of the stars of the year has been the new Honda Civic, up 7 spots and ranking 10th.

Sourcing from the focus2move proprietary Database, updated each day collecting vehicles sales in over 130 markets in the World, we are able to publish this exclusive ranking of World Best Selling Car, including all light vehicles.

The ranking is done respecting the customer view in the market, so we do not assembly similar models sold under different nameplates (for instance, Honda Fit is not added to Honda Jazz (if you do not like they are split, please ask why to Honda Motor…) while we assembly sales done by the same nameplate under different body styles. So Corolla sales includes all versions, hatchback and sedan (but not the Auris)

The Top 100 Ranking

Final 2016 ranking is now updated with all data collected at the end of March 2017 (so including final data for almost all countries)

The market leader has lost sales, and this is quite an event after a decade of annual records, Indeed, the Toyota Corolla sales in the year were down 4.1% with over 1.3 million units, losing over 50k units from the 2015 record.

The second model, the Volkswagen Golf, has lost more, falling down from the 1 million units hit in the 2015 for the first time, losing 6.1% at 995.000 units, just few more than the best pick up in the World, the Ford F-Series, market leader in US and Canada since 40 years advanced near the second place with 990.000 sales, up an outstanding 7.6%,

Volkswagen Golf is sold in all the World but the most of its volume is done in Europe, where in the 2016 it has dominated again the best-selling ranking.

In the fourth place the Hyundai Elantra, recently renovated and very successful with its 788.000 sales, up 1 spot and 3.5% from 2015, ahead of the best selling SUV, the Honda CR-V, at record sales of 750.000 units.

Further losing terrain, the Ford Focus ranked sixth, down 2 spots, with 734.000 units (-11.9%). the Focus has lost over one fourth of million in the last three years, but the main reason was the launch in China of the Ford Escort, a C class that has cannibalized the Focus with near 300.000 sales in the 2016 (ranking 59th).

The Toyota RAV4 failed the attach to the SUV leadership while raising in 7th place with 727.000 sales (+10.2%) up 3 spots, ahead of the leader of the small cars, the Volkswagen Polo, sold in 700.000 units (+0.7%).

In ninth place the Toyota Camry, leader of the Mid size segment, down 3 spots with 660.000 sales (-11.5%) ahead of one of the star of the year, the Honda Civic, just renovated and up 7 spots with 654.000 sales.

In 11th place, the light commercial vehicles in the World, the Chinese best selling Wuling Hongguang with 650.000 sales (-0.8%).

F2M Mobility Database

Thanks to the powerful F2M mobility database expanded, day after day, collecting sales of over 3.600 different models in all countries in the World, we can provide any kind of segmentation including this one. On demand, we are able to extract similar data for any segment in any country or regional area. Just contacting us for a quote.


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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2016Rank 2015ModelSales 2016Sales 2015Variation
13Toyota Corolla1.311.4131.367.182-4,1%
22Volkswagen Golf995.1231.059.839-6,1%
33Ford F-Series990.511920.3497,6%
45Hyundai Elantra787.599757.7893,9%
57Honda CR-V750.346709.9505,7%
64Ford Focus733.940832.942-11,9%
710Toyota RAV4727.014659.72510,2%
88Volkswagen Polo700.543695.9490,7%
96Toyota Camry660.982745.507-11,3%
1018Honda Civic654.965546.36019,9%
1111Wuling Hongguang650.018655.531-0,8%
1246Hyundai Tucson644.591307.677109,5%
139Chevrolet Silverado639.743671.098-4,7%
1414Volkswagen Jetta611.434561.9858,8%
1531Haval H6580.740373.22955,6%
1619Ram Pick-up578.021543.5176,3%
1721Volkswagen Lavida548.321472.84116,0%
1817Honda Accord539.599549.292-1,8%
1912Volkswagen Passat538.135607.583-11,4%
2013Toyota Hilux534.488580.869-8,0%
2120Volkswagen Tiguan522.575505.9863,3%
2222Kia Sportage501.737450.77911,3%
2316Ford Fiesta459.525552.142-16,8%
2536Nissan Qashqai450.273357.35126,0%
2615Chevrolet Cruze446.224560.275-20,4%
2726Skoda Octavia443.972426.2184,2%
2828Toyota Yaris423.782407.4494,0%
2927Renault Clio415.620412.4780,8%
3029Nissan X-Trail415.345397.0894,6%
3160Toyota Prius391.221277.29941,1%
3223Hyundai Sonata379.715450.107-15,6%
3338Nissan Sylphy376.467344.3869,3%
3443Chevrolet Malibu375.389314.77319,3%
3541Nissan Rogue373.587326.92314,3%
3632Ford Escape371.714372.634-0,2%
3752Buick Excelle GT370.375290.21327,6%
3842Baojun 730370.169321.06915,3%
3934Mazda CX-5363.415366.521-0,8%
4049Jeep Cherokee359.576300.52519,6%
4130Mercedes C Class357.165373.603-4,4%
4237Audi A3352.103354.457-0,7%
4357Volkswagen Sagitar341.331279.88722,0%
4433Hyundai Santa fe338.257366.746-7,8%
4535Nissan Altima332.973363.428-8,4%
4655Honda Fit332.553286.20616,2%
4767Ford Transit330.000263.04625,5%
48201GAC Trumpchi GS4326.906131.016149,5%
49180Baojun 560321.555145.007121,8%
5061Volkswagen Santana318.340276.20915,3%
5187Honda HR-V317.701218.33445,5%
5245Nissan Sentra316.587310.1712,1%
5350Peugeot 208307.971293.7384,8%
5447Ford Explorer306.050302.6951,1%
5571Toyota Highlander304.540257.42818,3%
5659Isuzu D-Max298.040278.4607,0%
5791Ford Escort296.867214.36438,5%
5840BMW 3 Series295.001330.633-10,8%
5970Subaru Forester292.352257.85313,4%
6083Ford Edge292.266226.27829,2%
6139Ford Fusion292.185332.917-12,2%
62141Buick Envision291.256162.94178,7%
6399Other China LCV284.733201.01341,6%
6453GMC Sierra283.579289.930-2,2%
6562Jeep Grand Cherokee282.871274.6733,0%
6654Opel Corsa279.270288.760-3,3%
6758Kia Sorento276.212279.000-1,0%
6848Chevrolet Equinox275.628300.880-8,4%
6956Kia Rio274.536282.064-2,7%
70145Jeep Renegade273.479161.52069,3%
7151Honda City269.021290.577-7,4%
7293Opel Astra265.082213.93423,9%
7364Ford Kuga264.752268.851-1,5%
7476Nissan Versa262.691245.6986,9%
7563Hyundai i20260.144272.657-4,6%
7685Kia Pride259.452222.73216,5%
7744Maruti Alto252.598313.783-19,5%
7877Wuling Mini-truck251.981242.3994,0%
7974Ford Ecosport251.171252.426-0,5%
8078Foton Light Truck246.178242.3081,6%
8169Hyundai Accent244.864259.247-5,5%
8295Geely EC7242.298207.22516,9%
8386Ford Ranger239.185221.0038,2%
8492Renault Captur238.908214.27711,5%
8568Toyota Vios238.733259.327-7,9%
8680Honda Vezel238.410238.972-0,2%
87104Audi A4238.356196.14021,5%
8884Peugeot 2008237.584224.5375,8%
8973Jeep Wrangler237.222254.441-6,8%
9098Kia K3233.103203.27714,7%
91108Chevrolet Spark232.414190.47722,0%
92101Subaru Outback229.207196.89016,4%
9389Mercedes E Class225.419216.8484,0%
9475Peugeot 308224.445247.069-9,2%
9597Volkswagen Bora222.303204.4678,7%
9679Honda Odyssey217.433242.129-10,2%
97295Buick Verano214.99088.138143,9%
98100Toyota Tacoma213.754200.3876,7%
99111Changan CS75209.368186.62512,2%
100119Dacia Sandero206.571178.62915,6%