World Best Selling City Cars 2016. The top 50

USA Cars sales in November

World Best Selling City Cars during the 2016 led by Maruti Alto and Chevrolet Spark as in the previous year. However, the Italian Fiat gained the podium with the Panda, fast growing despite the age.


It is defined a “city car”  (or “urban car” or “mini car”) a small car passenger with a length size below the 3.7 meters intended primarily for a use inside urban area. The term is used along with other terms for small cars including subcompact in North America. The Euro NCAP calls all small cars superminis. The European Commission refers to A-segment (Utility/city class: entry-level small passenger car). In Japan, the kei car (軽自動車 keijidōsha, lit. “light automobile”) is a specific type of small car with engine power within the 600 cc.


Following the decision of car makers to sales similar/same models with different nameplates across the Wold, all global ranking reported sales aggregated just for same nameplates and we do not assembly data. For instance, Suzuki Group sale the Alto under the Maruti and Suzuki brand and respecting this strategy we report the two models separately.

During the 2016 the city car segment declined 7.5% at  global level with preliminary global volumes reported at 4.3 million units.

The segment leadership unchanged with the Maruti Alto with leader as in the previous year thanks to global delivery of 256.514 units, representing a sharp fall from the previous year (-18.3%).

Thanks to a strong second half, the Chevrolet Spark positively defended the second place with 220.211 sales (+9.9%) while the Italian Fiat Panda raised in third place, up 3 spots from the previous year, with 187.749 units (+11.4%).

In fourth place Fiat 500 with 181.387 (-5.2%) followed by the Maruti Wagon R with 172.175 units (+1.0%), the Hyundai Grand 110, up 3 spots with 171.101 sales (+4.8%), the the Volkswagen Up! with 163.463 units (-8.8%).

In eight place the Japanese Key-car, the Daihatsu Tanto with 160.603 units (+1.8%) followed by the Hyundai i10 with 147.144 (-12.5%) and in ten place the Ford Ka with 135.678 units (-17.6%).

F2M Mobility Database

Thanks to the powerful F2M mobility database expanded, day after day, collecting sales of over 2.400 different models in all countries in the World, we can provide any kind of segmentation including this one. On demand, we are able to extract similar data for any segment in any country or regional area.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2016Rank 2015BestSales 2016Sales 2015Variation 2016
11Maruti Alto256.514313.783-18,3%
22Chevrolet Spark220.211200.3359,9%
36Fiat Panda187.749168.58211,4%
43Fiat 500181.387191.391-5,2%
55Maruti Wagon R172.175170.4671,0%
69Hyundai Grand i10171.101163.2724,8%
74Volkswagen Up!163.463179.265-8,8%
811Daihatsu Tanto160.603157.7561,8%
97Hyundai i10147.144168.227-12,5%
108Ford KA135.678164.728-17,6%
1110Suzuki Alto129.745159.903-18,9%
1215Kia Picanto122.178115.1146,1%
1313Suzuki WagonR104.247120.953-13,8%
1416Kia Morning97.239103.531-6,1%
1519Maruti Celerio89.35386.8782,8%
1612Nissan Dayz88.528150.696-41,3%
1717Honda N-WGN87.37796.038-9,0%
1814Daihatsu Move86.055120.835-28,8%
1924Smart Fortwo82.13076.8636,9%
2018Daihatsu Mira79.83592.988-14,1%
2123Toyota Aygo78.48077.8690,8%
2222Suzuki Spacia78.11379.375-1,6%
2338Daihatsu Cast76.93232.324138,0%
2426Haval H176.05674.5712,0%
2527Citroen C168.08967.7140,6%
2625Hyundai Eon64.73175.838-14,6%
2728Peugeot 10855.73059.327-6,1%
2830Opel Adam51.05654.553-6,4%
2931Renault Twingo48.83553.368-8,5%
3033ChangAn Benben48.47647.3122,5%
3121Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox47.98479.590-39,7%
3229Toyota Agya47.92256.683-15,5%
3320Fiat Uno43.71186.759-49,6%
3432Suzuki Beidouxing41.60250.328-17,3%
3535Daihatsu Ayla41.47236.52213,6%
3647Opel Karl37.83121.76773,8%
3734Skoda Citigo36.91537.533-1,6%
3836Suzuki Mehran36.47035.4892,8%
3937Suzuki Celerio35.23633.6614,7%
4042Mitsubishi eK29.94626.50113,0%
4140Chery QQ26.20228.778-8,9%
4249Maruti Ritz25.89919.80930,7%
4371Ravon Spark R222.4156.080268,7%
4443Seat Mii21.23624.227-12,3%
4550Toyota Pixis19.77818.5506,6%
4646Honda N-One19.04522.829-16,6%
4786Ravon Matiz R117.6782.790533,6%
4841FAW Xiali N3/N5/N717.17026.658-35,6%
4951Opel Mokka17.15818.292-6,2%
5057Skoda Octavia16.98014.19919,6%