Russia 2022. Vehicle Market Quits Global Automotive Scene Collapsing 58.8%

Russian vehicle market in 2022 totals 686,497 sales, lowest in the last 20 years and a 58.8% decrease from 2021. Confirming this trend, December falls for the 12th month in a row with 70,616 new...
Ukraine Auto Market

Ukraine Auto Market Report 2018-2028

p style="text-align: justify;">Ukraine Auto Report 2018-2028 features historical data, market insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand, and model providing an easy-to-use picture of the competitive landscape and its evolution.

Russia Auto Report

Russia Auto Market Report 2018-2022

Russia Automotive Report 2010-2025 features historical data and insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand and model providing an easy-to-use picture of current and future competitive landscape.

The Subaru Solterra

Ukraine 2022. Vehicle Market Crashes

Ukraine's auto market in March 2022 crashes. With 546 units sold (-93.9%), Year to Date sales move to 11,194 (-46.9%). Chery records the only positive performance with a 4.1% increase in sales.
Russia best

Russia 2021. Best selling cars ranking

Russia best selling car ranking in 2021 sees the Lada Vesta in first position followed by the Lada Granta and the Kia Rio. Remarkable performance scored by the Gaz Gazelle ending up in 7th place.

The 2023 Renault Austral

Ukraine 2021. Renault Is The Only Brand To Fall In Market Rising 20.8%

Ukraine's auto market in 2021 rises by 20.8% with 103,244 sales, reporting an increase in sales in every quarter of the year. Renault is the only brand in the leaderboard to report a decrease in sales, losing 6.2%.

Azerbaijan car market

Azerbaijan 2021. Lada Consolidates Leadership In Market Down 16%

Azerbaijan's auto market in 2021 falls 16% with 4,170 sales, reporting a mixed performance during the year. Lada consolidates its leadership position, reaching a huge 46.3% market share.

The 2022 Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo

Belarus 2021. Skoda Plummets In Market Down 11.1%

Belarus car market in 2021 loses 11.1% with 47,573 sales, reporting a very sharp drop in Q1, and positive performances in Q2 and Q4. Skoda reports the worst performance, losing 68% sales.

The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Uzbekistan 2021. Leader Chevrolet Drops 34.9% In Market Falling In Double-digits

Uzbekistan's Auto market in 2021 falls by 28.4% with 208,149 sales, reporting double-digits losses in every quarter. Lada reports the sharpest drop on the leaderboard, losing 48.1%.

Kazakhstan car market

Kazakhstan 2021. Chevrolet Reaches The Top Of The Leaderboard In Market Effectively Growing

Kazakhstan's Auto market in 2021 rises by 28.6% with 119,454 sales, reporting a very strong performance all year. Chevrolet reached the top of the leaderboard, gaining 199.2% sales.