India 2024. Auto Market Starts Up In Double-Digits

Indian Autos Market double-digit growth in 2024. Total sales throughout January reach 393,471 units (+13.8%). Maruti opens the gap to the rest of the market owning 42.4% of the market share (+13.2%).

Pakistan 2024. Vehicle Market Still Down In January (-4.2%)

Pakistani Vehicles Sales keep falling in 2024. New sales throughout January reach 10,450 units (-4.2%). Despite, Haval booms 132.2% reaching 4th position.

The 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6

South Korea 2023. Auto Market Reported A Moderate Increase (+3.2%)

South Korean Vehicles Market in 2023 closed with a total of 1.72 million sales, a 3.2% increase compared to last year. Despite December falling 11.6%, the market reported 8 monthly growths during the year.
The 2024 Peugeot e-2008

Iran 2023. Automotive Industry Stands Over 1 Million Sales Despite Economic Crisis

Iranian Vehicles Market moderately declined last year. In 2023 the sales were just over 1 million, reporting a sligh 4.9% decline from the previous year.

Taiwan 2023. Best Selling Cars Top 50 Ranking

Taiwan Best Selling Cars ranking in 2023 dominated by Toyota.  Toyota Corolla Cross still on top followed by RAV4 and Town Ace. The MG HS joins the top 10 jumping 233 spots.

South Korea 2023. Best Selling Cars Top 50 Ranking

Korea Best Selling Cars Ranking in 2023 with Top 50. The Hyundai Grandeur becomes the new market leader (+68.7%) ahead of Hyundai Porter and Kia Sorento. Hyundai Santa Fe enters the top 10 (+78.9%).

Honda N-Box

Japan 2023. Top 50 Best Selling Cars Ranking: Toyota Prius Booms 203.4%

Japan Best Selling Cars ranking from 2023 updated with the Top 50 models is lead by the Honda N-Box. Toyota Sienta reports a 92.0% increase in sales from 2022. Toyota Prius enters the top 10 (+203.4%).

The 2024 Hyundai Sonata

India 2023. Best Selling Cars. The Top 50 Ranking

India Best Selling Cars ranking in 2023 is dominated by Maruti models with the Swift as new market leader. The Maruti Vitara gains 5 spots rising 37.7%.

Tesla Model Y

China 2023. The Best Selling Cars Ranking

Best Selling Cars Ranking in China from 2023 reports the Tesla Model Y with the most units sold (+23.9%). BYD places two models in the podium and is ready to attach the leadership.

The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross

Pakistan 2023. Vehicle Market Falls Drastically (-69.0%).

Pakistani Vehicles Sales keep falling drastically. In 2023 the vehicle market totalled 81,587 total sales, down 63.7%. Market leader Suzuki down 69.0%.