China 2020. Vehicles market back on track in May (+5.6%)

Chinese Auto Market bounced back up 5.6% in May 2020, reporting the first monthly gain in over 20 months. Indeed, 2.08 million units were sold in May, leading Year to Date sales to 7.78 million, down 23.8%. Geely and Changan scored the best Top 10 performances, while DongFeng and JAC dropped down in double-digits.

Belgium 2020. Volkswagen & Ford up in double-digits in a stable market (-1.8%)

Belgium Auto Sales in June 2020 managed to stabilise, as business activities throughout the country were almost back to normality. Indeed, in June the market lost just 1.8% with 49.140 units sold, leading Year to Date figures to 216.593 (-26.4%). Renault and Opel dropped by over 25%, while Volkswagen and Ford impressed.

Argentina 2020. In June the market signed the first monthly gain in over 2 years, up 0.8%

Argentina Auto Sales in June 2020 registered the first positive performance in over two years, with 36.228 sales (+0.8%), leading Year to Date figures to 152.092 (-38.8%). Volkswagen outpaced the market with a spectacular +32.3%, while Renault and Toyota struggled.

Ukraine 2020. In May Kia (+51.1%) & Mercedes (+70.9%) supported a recovering market (-14.8%)

Ukrainian Cars market in May 2020 registered a small decline compared to other neighbouring countries, after April's sharp drop due to strict lockdown measures. Indeed, 5.896 units were sold in May (-14.8%), leading year to date sales to 30.290, down 5.9%.

Brazil 2020. In June Volkswagen (-33.1%) led a market down 42.5%

Brazil Vehicles Market showed a sign of revival in June 2020, as parts of the national economy reopened despite the increasing number of new Covid-19 cases. Indeed, sales dropped 42.5% in June with 121.692 units sold, leading Year to Date figures to 760.820 (-38.9%).

World 2020. The best selling cars ranking. The Top 100

World Car Market in April 2020 suffered from the Coronavirus outbreak. Indeed, anti-Covid19 national lockdown measures dragged registrations down 43.2% in April at 3.853.457, leading Year to Date April figures to 20.308.631 (-26,9%).

Global Auto Market 2020. Honda Motor stood out in May (-17.6%)

World Light Vehicles ranking in May 2020 sales aggregated by manufacturer group sees the Toyota Group on top, reaching 12.8% of market share. Hyundai-Kia takes the 4th spot with 8.3% share, while Honda Motor registered the best top 10 performance in May (-17.6%).

Global Market 2020. Honda reaches the podium, while Toyota keeps widening the gap from Volkswagen

World Cars Brand Ranking in May 2020 sees Toyota - one of the least damaged from Covid-19 crisis - widening the gap from Volkswagen, reaching 11% of market share. Honda reached the market podium, outpacing the free-falling Ford.

Spain 2020. Lack of Government intervention leaves June sales down 36.4%

Spanish auto market was still struggling in June 2020, signing the lowest First half volume in over 30 years. As a result, 82.508 sales were registered in June (-36.4%), leading First half to 340.045 (-50.8%). Opel kept free-falling (-70.1%) while Volvo was the only top 20 gainer.

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France 2020. Demand rebound and Government bonuses pulled market up 1.3% in June

French vehicles market reported an amazing recovery in June 2020, signing the second-largest June score ever, thanks to the rebound in demand and Government support. Indeed, 233.818 units were registered in June (+1.3%) leading Year to Date sales to 715.907 (-33%). Electrified sales as a whole reached 18% market share.

Italy 2020. Scrap incentives will be introduced in July

Italian Auto Market has significantly improved in May, restarting better than other neighbouring countries. Indeed, 100.385 units were registered in May (-49.3%), leading Year to Date figures to 453.034.

Canada 2020. In May the vehicles market lost 43.1%, supported by car dealerships restart

Canada Auto Sales managed to improve in May 2020 compared to April's fall, as car dealerships in Quebec and Ontario were able to reopen from May 4. Indeed, 113.224 units were sold in May (-43.1%), leading Year to Date sales to 487.678 (-39.5%).

Switzerland 2020. Mercedes resists (-31.8%) in market down 50.5% in May

Switzerland Auto Market in May 2020 managed to improve from the previous month's sharp drop, while anti-covid19 measures were eased based on the three-step programme. Indeed, the market matched the European trend, with 13.270 units sold in May (-50.5%), leading Year to Date sales to 74.863 (-39%). Mini was the only top 30 gainer.

Europe 2020. Italy & France started recovering in May while Sweden & the Netherlands followed opposite trends

European Car Market in May 2020 dropped down 50.8%, significantly improving from the halt in April. Indeed, the market reported a 50.8% decline with 754.386 sales, leading Year to Date figures to 4.71 million. Italy, France and Germany managed to recover, while Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland have worsened.

Philippines 2020. Following the April -98%, car sales down 86% in May

Philippines Vehicles Market crumbled in March, as a result of lockdown measures introduction in order to slow down the spread of the virus. Indeed, auto sales collapsed 62.7% at 14.000, ending the first quarter at 73.420 (-27.2%).

Bulgaria 2020. Renault shoots up to 16.1% share in harsh environment (-68.1%)

Bulgarian vehicles sales in May 2020 were still suffering, while the national state of emergency ended on May 13. Indeed, 1.448 sales were registered in May (-68.1%), leading Year to Date figures to 10.042 (-36.7%). Renault reached 16.1% share.

Pakistan 2020. In May vehicles sales fell 74.7% while Suzuki detained near 80% share

Pakistani Vehicles Sales showed a shy sign of revival in May 2020, while the number of new Covid-19 has dramatically increased again. As a result, after the complete halt in April, 4.527 units were sold (-74.7%) in May, leading Year to Date sales to 35.722 (-65%). Suzuki lost 64.3%, holding 79.5% share.

Uruguay 2020. Suzuki contains the losses in market down 44.2% in May

Uruguayan Vehicles Market recovered only moderately in May 2020, compared to the April's sharp drop, despite the relatively low impact of the Coronavirus on the country. Indeed, in May registrations were at 1.386 - down 44.2% from the previous year - leading Year to Date sales to 10.039 (-18.3%). Suzuki outpaced the market (-29.6%), thanks to the S-Presso.

Tunisia 2020. In May sales fell only 21%, while Tiggo 2 is the best selling car

Tunisian vehicle market continued the negative path in 2019. Indeed, Total sales in 2019 have been 50.275, down 16.9% from the previous year. Isuzu was still the market leader despite losing share from the 2018 record.

Thailand 2020. Vehicles sales down 60.5% in May despite effective Covid19 containment measures

Thailand vehicles market in May 2020 was still struggling despite the Country has managed to effectively contain the Covid19 spread during the crisis. Indeed, 35.407 units were sold May, down 60.5%, leading Year to Date figures to 268.935 (-38.3%). MG stood out, while Isuzu and Ford disappointed.

Greece 2020. Toyota resisting (-49.7%) in market down 65.5% in May

Greek Cars Market in May 2020 reported just a moderate recovery after April's stop, despite the country was much less impacted by Covid-19 than other European countries. Indeed, 4.640 units were sold in May (-65.5%), leading Year to Date sales to 27.661 (-46.1%). Fiat crumbled 93%.

South Africa 2020. Hyundai & Kia defy a market down 71.6% in May

South Africa Auto market reported a moderate recovery in May 2020, as car dealerships were allowed to reopen to some degree throughout the month. As a result, 11.145 sales were registered in May (-71.6%), leading Year to Date figures to 116.005, down 42.3%. Hyundai and Kia contained the losses.

Poland 2020. Volvo contains the losses (-3.1%) in market down 52.8% in May

Polish cars sales in May 2020 reported a moderate improvement from April's drop, while the number of Covid-19 cases kept surging. Indeed, 20.834 units were sold in May (-52.8%), leading Year to Date figures to 141.722 (-36.4%). Volkswagen plummeted 75.3% while Volvo was the best performer.

Tanzania 2020. Car Market lost 85% both in April and May

Tanzanian Vehicles Market in the 2019 has lost 20.2%, mainly due to a very low Q4, ending the year with only 1.900 sales, the lowest level since 2010. The top three brands, Toyota, Ford and Nissan controlled near 60% of the market. The outlook for the 2020 is moderately positive.

Myanmar 2020. Shutdown hit sales with April and May near zero

Myanmar Vehicles Industry started the 2020 on a negative tone. Indeed, after the previous year all-time record, in January sales fell down 27.8% at 1.062 units. Suzuki keeps dominating with near 50% of the market, while the main follower Toyota dropped down 46.6%.

Cambodia 2020. New car sales recovery in May

Cambodian Auto market in 2020 began with a stable trend, as in January registrations were at 689, down just 0.7% from the previous year. Ford is holding the throne with over 3o% of share, followed by Toyota and Mazda, which are both declining in double-digits.

Laos 2020. Auto Market looks ready to a second half rally

Laos vehicles sales in 2020 are back on a negative pathway. Indeed, in January sales have been 1.106, down 27.9% from the previous year. Toyota - the market leader since 2016 - currently holds over 40% of share, followed by the local brand Daehan and Hyundai.

Latin America 2020. Chevrolet Onix Plus in 7th position while Toyota Hilux ranks 2nd

Latin America best selling cars ranking May 2020 sees again the Chevrolet Onix on top - holding 4.5% of market share - while the Toyota Hilux gains the 2ns position ahead of the Nissan Versa and the Ford KA. The Chevrolet Onix Plus jumps directly in 7th position.

Europe 2020. Volkswagen T-Cross booming 200.3% in a harsh environment

Europe best-selling cars Year to Date ranking in May 2020 within 44 markets in the continent, from Portugal to Russia. The Volkswagen Golf is still on top, ahead of the Renault Clio which signed the best top 10 performance. The Volkswagen T-Cross is the star of the year, booming 200.3%.