Global Cars Segmentation

Focus2Move Team has segmented all models on sales in the World. Actually over 10.000 different car nameplates are included in our library.

While updating the Global Automotive Database we found new models and assign for each of them a segmentation which allow us and our Client to analyze data for each country with the same standard view.

Actually our Models library includes the following segments:

    • Region
    • Sub-Region
    • Brand Model
    • Brand
    • Manufacturer
    • Premium Brand (Yes or Not)
    • Model
    • Type (car, LCV,HCV, ….)
    • Segment (A,B,C…pick up, bus, van…)
    • Type of engine

In addition to this standard segmentation we are adding custom-made segmentation agreed with our OEMs Clients, in order to allow the data uploading immediately in line with the specific segmentation applied by the Client.