Egyptian Vehicle Market

Egypt. Despite Covid-19 outbreak, in Q1 the vehicle market grew 28.3%

Egyptian Vehicle Market in 2019 was hit again by price increase and has broken the recovery in place. Indeed, Total sales in 2019 have been 178.699, down 12.9% and perspectives for 2020 are almost uncertain. Three brands, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Nissan held half of the market.

Kenyan Vehicles Sales

Kenya. Vehicle market lost 23.6% in Q1

Kenyan Vehicles Sales in Q1 were hit by a large drop, as the Covid-19 pandemic worsened an already weak market trend. Indeed, restrictive measures imposed in the Country led new vehicle sales down 23.6%, with 1.401 units sold.

Angola vehicles

Angola. In 2019 auto sales declined by 15%

Angola vehicles market in 2019 reported a double-digit drop. Indeed, the Full-year ended at 10.737 units sold (-15%). Toyota consolidated the market, with impressive performances scored by the Fortuner and the Land Cruiser, holding near 40% of market share.

Egypt Autos Market Report 2010-2025

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Nigerian Cars Market

Nigeria. Vehicle market plummeted 55.7% in March

Nigerian Cars Market, after the negative start of the year, reported a huge loss in March, as several states imposed restriction measures due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Indeed,car market plummeted 55.7% in March with just 870 units sold, dragging the Q1 down 33.2% at 3.663.

Ethiopia Auto sales

Ethiopia. Auto sales down 4.9% in 2019

Ethiopia Auto sales in 2019 registered the 6th consecutive year of decline. Indeed, Full-year sales have been 1.935, down 4.9% from the previous year. Toyota was still the market dominator, ahead of Isuzu and Lifan, which both held near 15% of the total market.

Sudan car market

Sudan. In 2019 the market declined for the fourth year in a row

Sudan Car Market in 2019 signed the fourth consecutive annual loss. Indeed, the Full-year ended at 1.696, down 13.8% from the previous year. Toyota controlled over 40% of the market, holding a huge gap over Isuzu and Nissan.

Reunion Auto Market

Reunion. Vehicle market hit the new all-time record

Reunion Island Auto Market in 2019 hit the new all-time record, thanks to the sixth consecutive year of growth. Indeed, Full-year sales have been 33.419, up 3.3% from the previous year. Renault kept the crown with a stable 19.4% of share, ahead of the rivals Peugeot and Citroen.

Rwanda car sales

Rwanda. Toyota held 47.8% of market down 2.1% in 2019

Rwanda Cars sales in 2019 reported a marginal loss. Indeed, Total sales have been 758, down 2.1% from the previous year. Toyota controlled 47.8% of the market, keeping a huge gap over Suzuki and Nissan.

Lebenese car market

Cape Verde. Auto sales soared 66.7% in 2019

Cape Verde Cars sales in 2019 have reported a very strong growth. Indeed, Full-year sales have been 750, booming 66.7% from the previous year. Renault led the market, holding near 30% of the share, currently ahead of the historic leader, Toyota and Suzuki.