Polish cars sales

Poland 2020. Volvo contains the losses (-3.1%) in market down 52.8% in May

Polish cars sales in May 2020 reported a moderate improvement from April's drop, while the number of Covid-19 cases kept surging. Indeed, 20.834 units were sold in May (-52.8%), leading Year to Date figures to 141.722 (-36.4%). Volkswagen plummeted 75.3% while Volvo was the best performer.

Europe best-selling cars

Europe 2020. Volkswagen T-Cross booming 200.3% in a harsh environment

Europe best-selling cars Year to Date ranking in May 2020 within 44 markets in the continent, from Portugal to Russia. The Volkswagen Golf is still on top, ahead of the Renault Clio which signed the best top 10 performance. The Volkswagen T-Cross is the star of the year, booming 200.3%.

Slovenian Autos Market

Slovenia 2020. Kia impressed (+65.8%) in market down 25.1%

Slovenian Autos Market in May scored one of the best performances in Europe, supported by the country's efficiency to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak. Indeed, 4.867 units were sold in May (-25.1%), leading Year to Date sales to 20.594 (-36.6%). Kia boomed 65.8%, reaching the 7th spot.

Norwegian Auto Market

Norway 2020. Vehicle market worsened in May, after scoring the best European performance in...

Norwegian Auto Market has worsened in May after containing the losses in April, following a similar phenomenon registered in Sweden and the Netherlands. Indeed, 7.885 units were sold in May (-35.5%), leading Year to Date figures to 47.378 (-22.6%). Mercedes boomed 107.6%.

Danish Auto Sales

Denmark 2020. Kia gains 13.5% while the market falls again 35.3%

Danish Auto Sales in May reported just a marginal improvement from the previous month, after registering one of the best European trends in April. Actually, the Danish market lost 35.3% in May with 11.499 units sold, leading Year to Date figures to 72.431 (-27.5%). Kia was the only positive Top 20.

Hungarian Vehicles Market

Hungary 2020. Vehicle market further worsened in May (-54.4%)

Hungarian Vehicles Market has worsened in May 2020, following a similar trend to the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden, after managing to contain the losses in the first months of the Covid-19 crisis. Indeed, the 6.472 units were sold in May (-54.4%), pulling Year to Date figures to 52.763 (-0.7%).

Romanian car market

Romania 2020. Hyundai gains 5.5% in May while the market reported a shy improvement...

Romanian car market in May 2020 managed to only marginally improve compared to the previous month. Indeed, 7.032 were sold in May, losing 45.1%, leading Year to Date sales to 38.931 (-31.3%). Hyundai is the star of the moment, gaining 5.5%.

Irish cars market

Ireland 2020. Tesla boomed in May while the market collapsed 72.4%

Irish cars market reported another sharp drop in May 2020, as anti-Covid19 restrictions measures were only partially eased much later than other European countries. Indeed, 1.736 units were sold in May (-72.4%), leading Year to Date sales to 52.926 (-32.9%). Land Rover, Mini, Volvo and Fiat contained the losses.

Portugal Best Selling Cars

Portugal 2020. Best selling cars ranking. The top 50

Portugal Best Selling Cars in the Year to Date May 2020 ranking is dominated by the Renault Clio, followed by the best premium model, the Mercedes Class A and the Peugeot 208. The Renault Captur free-falls at the edge of the Top 10 ranking.

German cars market

Germany 2020. Vehicle market disappoints in May (-51.5%)

German cars market in May reported just a shy improvement, despite car dealerships activities were allowed to restart from April 20. Indeed, 150.597 units were registered in May (-51.5%), leading Year to Date sales to 912.463 (-35.6%). BMW and Seat declined over 60%.