Nissan 2017. Global sales up 3.7%

nissan global performance

Nissan Global Performance 2017 has been positive again, following the recent conquest of the fourth place as global sales. The growth was driven by the Asian region while the Qashqai consolidates its rule as best-selling model.

At the end of a continue growth with a 2010-2016 Compound annual growth rate  (C.A.G.R) of 5.3%, Nissan has gained the fourth place as global automotive brand sales at the end of the 2016, with the record of 4.92 million vehicles sold. In the 2017 the run was not over and global sales have been at 5.24 million, up 3.7%.

The current performance is sustained by a generalized growth in all the global regions, losing in the Gulf Cooperation Council region (-20.1%) and in the Pacific area (including Australia) (-13.9%).

At model-wise, the top-selling model is, of course, the compact SUV Qashqai with 501.000 sales, up 10.2% followed by the Rogue with 449.000 (+20.3%) and its twin, the X-Trail with 433.000 (+3.0%).

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Based on the over 750 millions vehicles sales downloaded within of GAD (Global Auto Database) collected and aggregated by hundreds selected sources covering over 140 vehicles markets worldwide, our “Brand Performance Reports” refer to registrations data.

Nissan Global Performance Report

In our exclusive study we report sales, year by year, for each region. So it is detailed the sales variations behind the fact that the top region actually is the American (booth North, Center and South) counting the 43.0% of total sales (it was 35% in the 2010). However, sales in Asia are still very relevant, counting 39.1% (from 43.9%), while Europe is only the 14.6% (from 17.6%).

The study reports annual sales for each country in the World and we track Volkswagen’ sales in 140 countries.

On top of all, in the 2017 there was the USA with 29.0% of global sales share (from 21.6% in the 2010), ahead of China with 20.6% (from 21.2%), Japan with 10.9% (from 16.9%), Mexico with 8.2%  and United Kingdom with 3.4%.

In the study all models sales are analyzed from 2010 to 2017.

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Rank 2016Rank 2017Sales 2016Sales 2017Variation 2017Mix 2017Sales 2018 e
1010Europe East32.79235.7258,9%0,7%37.998
22America North1.548.1891.574.2931,7%30,8%1.612.995
1111Africa North31.94830.003-6,1%0,6%32.525
Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Nissan Qashqai501.048454.61510,2%
24Nissan Rogue449.621373.79120,3%
32Nissan X-Trail433.673420.8593,0%
43Nissan Sylphy412.778376.8749,5%
56Nissan Sentra310.769317.588-2,1%
65Nissan Altima277.380333.076-16,7%
77Nissan Versa245.492263.893-7,0%
89Nissan Note169.944143.98918,0%
924Nissan Dayz137.51454.402152,8%
108Nissan Juke129.641156.216-17,0%