UAE best selling cars. The top in 2019

UAE best selling cars

UAE best selling cars ranking in 2019 saw a new leader, the Toyota Land Cruiser, winning the fight against the Mitsubishi Pajero and the former leader, the Nissan Patrol. Outstanding performance scored by the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, entering the top 10.

In 2019, the Toyota Land Cruiser won the battle for the leadership in UAE, conquering the market throne with 6.8% of share, ahead of the Mitsubishi Pajero and the former leader, the Nissan Patrol, both holding 6.4%.

In fourth place, the Nissan Sunny held 4.6% of market share, followed by the Toyota Hilux with 4.4%, the Toyota Prado with 2.9% and the BMW X5 with 2.6%.

Behind, 2 models entered the top 10. Indeed, the Toyota Camry landed in 8th place with 1.8%, ahead of the Toyota Land Cruiser P/U, while the fast-growing Mitsubishi Montero Sport gained the 10th place.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales 20192019 Var
13Toyota Land Cruiser164829,9%
22Mitsubishi Pajero15441-3,2%
31Nissan Patrol15333-28,7%
44Nissan Sunny11165-0,4%
55Toyota Hilux1065315,0%
66Toyota Prado7113-15,4%
77BMW X56212-13,0%
815Toyota Camry426820,6%
910Toyota Land Cruiser P/U42213,1%
1027Mitsubishi Montero Sport4103149,3%
1112Toyota Fortuner3440-6,1%
1211Nissan Kicks3409-8,9%
1321Mitsubishi L200340030,1%
149Toyota Hiace3379-20,8%
1514Nissan Altima3217-9,2%
1619BMW 7 Series304810,8%
1716Lexus LX V62939-0,2%
1818Nissan Sentra2756-0,9%
1913Toyota Corolla2584-27,8%
2020Nissan X-Trail2484-5,0%
2125Toyota CAMRY HV22826,9%
2235Toyota Yaris sedan226371,6%
2340Toyota Rush222897,9%
2486Mitsubishi Attrage2096276,3%
2522BMW 5 Series2036-12,6%