Ghana vehicles market

Ghana 2018. Auto sales suddenly dropped down 21.4%

Ghanaian vehicles market fell down 21.4% in 2018 with 7.193 sales. The market podium was unchanged, with Nissan on top (-16.8%) followed by Toyota and Mitsubishi. Awful performance scored by Chery, losing 2 positions in the ranking.

Ghanaian vehicles market

Ghana 2017. Vehicles sales boomed 33%

Ghanaian vehicles market in the 2017 benefit both from the economic recovery and by the introduction of a recent law limiting the import of used vehicles. Market boomed 33% from the previous year. Nissan was market leader again.

Ghana 2016. Government ban to used vehicles boosted demand for new cars

Ghana Auto Sales fast recovered after the previous year fall, thanks to the introduction of a new law, a milestone in this side of Africa, banning the import of obsolete used vehicles. Market improved 28.7% and next year outlook is positive.

Ghana Automotive sector is in a crucial corner

Ghana Automotive sector is in a crucial corner between the import of grey vehicles and the increased duties applied by the government in the last two years. New vehicles sales in the 2015 reported just over the 8.000 units.