Ugandan vehicles market

Uganda. In 2018 the market shyly recovered (+2.1%)

Ugandan vehicles market has marginally recovered in 2018. Indeed, Full-year sales have been 2.231 (+2.1%). Toyota was still the market leader with over 40% of share, ahead of Nissan and Tata.

Ugandan vehicles market

Uganda 2017. New vehicles market down again

Ugandan vehicles market has further lost terrain during the 2017, albeit improved economic and business conditions. The absence of legislation to limit the import of very old used vehicles stops any stable new vehicles market development opportunity.

Uganda 2016. New vehicles market down, used vehicles up

Uganda Auto Sales 2016 were down from the previous year record. However, the car fleet keeps growing fueled by a great number of pre-owned vehicles imported. Market leader is Toyota the only one over 1.000 sales.

Uganda 2015. Vehicles Market hit the new all time record booming 44%

Uganda Vehicles Market in 2015 hit the new all time record booming 44%. However this industry is young and a wide space for growing is yet available. Toyota is leader with 38% of market share. Tata shines.