Panama vehicles sales

Panama 2019. Nissan & Kia fighting for the podium while the market went up...

Panama vehicles sales in 2019 the market reported a shy recovery. Indeed, sales in 2019 have been 45.530, projecting the full year to 51.679, up 1.8%.

Panama vehicles sales

Panama 2018. Nissan shines in a market down in double-digit

Panama vehicles sales reported in the 2018 the second consecutive decline with total vehicles sales at 50.766 (including 242 HCVs), down 10.3%. Toyota kept the crown, with market share stable just over the 20% while Nissan boomed taking the third place, between Hyundai - second - and Kia -third -.

Panama 2017. Sales down hit by increased local duties

Panama vehicles sales in the 2017 have lost in double-digit, first time in five years, hit by the increase of local registration duties and by a slower economy. Expectation for the second half are more optimistic as economy is accelerating.

Panama 2016. New all time record, the 6th in a row

Panama light vehicles market scored in the 2016 he sixth all time record in a row, keeping the slow and stable trend and pushed up by one of best economy in the region. Toyota still on top but Hyundai is fast improving.

Panama 2015. Auto sales at record, again

Panama Vehicles Market in 2015 hit the new all time record albeit shy second half, posting the third record in a row. The leader Toyota has now been approached by two challengers, Hyundai and Kia.

Panama Auto Market

Panama 2014. Auto Market hit the new all-time record

Panama Auto Market hit the new All-Time record in 2014 with sales near 60.000 fueled by strong consumer demand. Toyota boomed sales and overtook Hyundai on top of the ranking.

Panama 2013. Car market hit new all-time record

2013 Panama car market hit new all-time record posting the fourth all time record in a row as positive economic factors are pushing up private consumers demand. Hyundai was the hero of the year, outpacing Toyota on top of the list.