Ecuador 2017. Market rebound growing 66%

Ecuador new cars sales rebound in the 2018 after the previous two years fall with sales up 66% at 105.080 fueled by the improved economic environment. Chevrolet dominates with 34% of market share while Great Wall ranks 4th, best place worldwide.

Ecuador 2016. Sales at lowest since 2005

Ecuador Auto Market 2016 dropped at the lowest since 2005 hit by the harsh recession started in the 2015 and still in place. Chevrolet kept a save gap over Kia and Hyundai despite losing 29% of sales.

Chile Vehicles Sales in 2016

Ecuador 2015. Market tumbled down hit by economic crisis

Ecuador Vehicle Market in 2015 tumbled down hit by economic crisis. The automotive industry was reported down 28%, at the lowest since 2005. Chevrolet kept the leadership taking the gap over Kia and Hyundai.

Ecuador 2013 car market

Ecuador 2013 car market fell down 15%. Chevrolet near 50% of share.

Ecuador 2013 car market was really bad, losing over 15% despite a growing economic environment. Chevrolet improved share and now is near 50% of total. 2014 outlook is positive.