Indonesia 2017. Vehicles sales up 6%. Toyota Group at 55% of share

Indonesia Auto Sales in the 2017 increased 6% thanks to economic recovery and despite the introduction of legislations against high polluting vehicles. Toyota and Daihatsu dominates with over 55% of share. Suzuki was the fastest growing brand.

Indonesia Automotive Industry

Indonesia 2014. Auto Industry felt down 4%

Indonesia Automotive Industry fell 4% in the full year 2014 due to a sharp double digit loss reported in the last quarter. However, Honda kept the magic moment ending the year up 74%.

The 2023 Mazda CX-60

Indonesia 2023. Vehicle Market Slightly Falls (-4.2%) Hit By Economic Environment

Indonesian Vehicles Sales slightly fall back in 2023. New vehicles sales in 2023 have been 1,02 million (-4.1%),  breaking a 3 year positive streak. Toyota remains best-selling brand (+1.6%).

Indonesia 2015. Vehicles Market dropped in double-digit. Ford announced to quite

Indonesia Vehicles Market in 2015 dropped in double-digit hit by economic crisis. Ford announced to quite the market by the end of the 2016 for profit reasons. Toyota, market leader, goes ahead fast (and happy).

Indonesia 2021. Nissan Is The Only Brand To Drop In Sales, In Market Up...

Indonesia's Auto market in 2021 rises by 48.3% with 863,372 sales, reporting a very strong year except for Q1. Nissan was the only brand to report losses, falling a sharp 47.6%.

Indonesia 2016. New low emission vehicles sustained the market

Indonesia Vehicles Market 2016 rebounded moderately after the previous year fall, thanks to the success of new low emission models. The top three brands, Toyota, Honda and Daihatsu at an impressive 72% of share.