Iraq car market

Iraq 2020. The undiscussed leader Kia keeps gaining share in market down 16.7%

Iraqi auto market in 2020 falls by 16.7% as the pandemic affects sales. Full-Year sales have been 66.591, while the leader Kia (-1.5%) increases its market share by 7%, reaching over 45%.

Iraqi Cars Sales

Iraq. Hyundai & Mitsubishi shining in a market up 39.4%

Iraqi Cars Sales in 2019 continued the fast recovery started three years ago and Full-year sales closed at 80.106 units (+39.4%). Behind the market leader, Kia, which dominated with near 38% of share, many brands benefited from restructured network activities, with and Mitsubishi shining over all.

Iraqi Cars Sales

Iraq 2018. Hyundai shines in a market fast recovering

Iraqi Cars Sales have taken a positive pathway and ended the 2018 with a robust +44.7% at 57.468 units taking full benefit from the end of the war with terrorists. While many OEMs are coming back in the country, Kia dominates with a market share over 50%.

Iraq Cars Market

Iraq 2017. Auto sales up 21%, but a new civil war is in place

Iraq Cars Market up 21% in the 2017 following the previous three years of sharp decline. However the new war against the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) following the independence referendum can limit the economic recovery.

Iraq Vehicles Market

Iraq 2016. Market deeply down for the third year

Iraq Vehicles Market 2016 hit the third consecutive heavy fall in a series, dragged down by the oversupply in the global crude market. The Kia Frontier kept the leadership while Volkswagen shines.

Iraq Cars Market

Iraq 2015. New Vehicles market dropped 40%

Iraq New Vehicles market dropped 40% in the 2015. The industry was severely hit by the economic crisis, with GDP down 2.9%, due to high military expenses and fall of 85% revenues from oil. Kia was market leader.